You Were Born Intuitive

"Each moment – right now – you receive information intuitively; you’re simply unaware of the process."

- Laura Day

We are all endowed with the natural ability to be intuitive. Many of the decisions we make during the day, are influenced by our intuitive nature, even though we may be unaware that we are acting from intuition. The food choices we make, the activities we choose, the direction we take, can all stem from an inner sense. Both consciously and unconsciously, we set intentions of things we want in our experience and intuition lets us know through our feelings if the action we are taking is in alignment with our intentions. Intuition speaks to us through our feelings. Basically, there are two feelings, one feels good, the other not so good. Our negative feelings may range from misery to uneasiness, while our good feelings may vary from peacefulness to ecstasy.

Some of the intentions people have might be the intention to be safe, to be healthy, to be happy, to be prosperous, to be successful, to make a positive difference in the world. Intuition can signal us if we are going in the direction that will satisfy that intention. Uncomfortable feelings indicate that we need to choose differently and get back on track.

Once my husband and I had tickets to Phantom of the Opera in Toronto. That afternoon, I kept having a “nagging” feeling about checking the tickets. When I finally did, I discovered the tickets that were sold to us were for a different date. Quickly we went down to talk to the hotel receptionist who had given us the tickets and fortunately we got it all straightened out before leaving for the play. In fact, at no additional cost to us, we were able to exchange our balcony seats for box seats closest to the stage. It was truly a serendipitous experience! Who knows what would have happened had we shown up at the play with tickets for the following week. Thankfully, intuition saved the evening.

There are times I haven’t listened to my intuition. Once when I was jogging, I remember feeling that it would soon rain and I would be better off running in my neighborhood. My thoughts discounted that message and I ran the longer route. Of course I got drenched.

Several divorced people have told me that at some level they felt in their hearts that they should not marry their fiancee’s, but their thoughts gave them reasons why they should. Their thinking told them it would cause embarrassment to cancel or they put the other person’s needs before their own. Unfortunately, their thoughts won and things did not work out.

Whole brain thinking means using both thinking and feeling. We need to check out our thoughts with our feelings. Sometimes we just need to postpone making a decision when we are not sure. When there is a sense of peace, we can be more certain that we have made the right decision. People sometimes dismiss intuitive guidance with thoughts that say, “This is silly, It isn’t logical, It doesn’t make sense, I’m wrong to feel that way,” etc: One difficulty in using intuition is that we don’t always get immediate feedback. Sometimes it is months later when we find out our intuition was right. Someone may call even years later and say, “Remember when you told me that situation didn’t feel right? Well, you were right!”

As children, it was natural to go with our feelings. When we were hungry, we wanted to eat. When we were really tired, we often fell asleep sometimes in the strangest places. (One of my children once slept during the fireworks.) But as children get older, there is often a shift from taking action based on feeling, to talking action based on thoughts or schedules. We learn that even if we are hungry, we must wait for mealtime. The body says sleep, but the schedule won’t permit it. Gradually, as we learn to fit into society, we operate less from our feeling nature and more from our thoughts. We may have a strange feeling about another person or situation, but we ignore that feeling or intuitive guidance for various reasons. Sometimes well-meaning adults told us we were wrong to feel that way. They convinced us that it was just our imagination. Things were not really as we perceived them to be. Well meaning parents may not want the child to be concerned and so they deny that they are feeling ill or sad. This makes the child doubt their own feelings. They learn to distrust their feelings. A better way to handle it might be to acknowledge to the child, “Yes, you are right, Mommy is feeling sad, but I am working on feeling better and soon I will feel better.”

Most children eventually learn to trust logic. Two and two is four and we could prove that. Feelings and intuitive hunches were vague and often not provable. As we shut down our feelings, we lose the ability to hear what our feeling nature is telling us.
We can reawaken our intuitive feeling nature by being open to it again. Remember, proceed if the action you are about to take feels comfortable and good. Uncomfortable feelings may be your signal to wait or get more information before proceeding. The more we pay attention to our feelings and follow our inner guidance, the more we will experience its benefits.

About the Author

Donna May MA Ed, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress Management and Pain Relief Specialist and a practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Reiki and Yuen Energetics. She utilizes spiritual principles and A Course in Miracles teachings in her counseling.


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