Using the Power of Words for Success

“Words have the power to destroy or heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world”—Buddha.

The past, present and future are all effects of consciousness. Your past is a memory and your future is a distant anticipation; only your present awareness is real and the point of power and creation.

Karma is defined as “The force generated by a person’s actions–and its ethical consequences to determine destiny and future existence.” Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, most of us agree with the theory that “You create your life.” We have the ability to create because we can determine how and why we act the way we do and then change our responses to external stimuli accordingly. This means that we have the ability within us to change our life experiences.

Our experiences reflect what we believe about our lives. Whether or not we are aware of it, we are making choices every moment, either consciously or unconsciously. Our belief systems can sometimes be exhibited as lack, limitation or difficulties within our lives. With introspection and honest assessment, we can uncover the beliefs we have been accepting as part of our lives. Whatever we think, focus on or worry about becomes a reality in our life.

When I first discovered the concept that I create my reality I felt liberated. Knowing I was creating my life rather than being at the whim of fate was very empowering. I figured, “If I got myself into this, I could get myself out of it!” My ecstatic feeling of liberation turned to agitation, frustration and guilt when I found myself unable to change some of my habits simply by demanding myself to do so.

I ravenously read book after book, studied with numerous wise teachers from all over the world, always wondering, “How do I change my disempowering behaviors in areas that mean the most to me?”

After learning Language of Mastery, I understand and know where I am positioned in my consciousness every moment. All life, everything in creation, is made up of consciousness. One of the ways we communicate to ourselves with internal dialogue is through the power of words.

Language is the medium of our thoughts; it shapes our reality; it focuses and directs energy. We use words to communicate with others and have them communicate back to us. We read words, listen to words on TV, hear them in the movies and sing along with them in songs. But do we really ever listen to the words in our lives? What words do you say to yourself?

The most powerful tool we each have is our language. It is with us 24 hours a day. We even dream with language. Have you every noticed how frustrated a toddler becomes if he cannot make the adults around him understand what he wants? That frustration usually disappears when the child gains enough language to make himself understood.

But language is more than a communication device. Language influences your life. If a lie is told over and over again, you start to believe it. If you use certain words in your language, you start to convince yourself of the subtleties the words say. An example is the word “want.” It is frequently used in our vocabulary. The dictionary defines “want” as “desiring without having,” so we keep saying, “I want a loving relationship or I want money.” What happens is we keep wanting and wanting. Learning the subtle underlying meaning of our language opens us up to a higher level of awareness about what we choose to have, do or be.

We use language that opposes how we want to live. We have a true desire in our hearts to live in peace, yet daily our language is filled with references to violence. “That’s a real killer” in response to a joke or “I’m going to kill him” or “I’m going to explode” if someone makes us angry. Areas of our lives begin to reflect turbulence with “reckless” language.

With Language of Mastery, I know whether I am accessing reactive beliefs of scarcity, needing to control, making a judgment or whether I am accessing my divine beliefs of opulence, unity, trust, love, respect and compassion. If you believe you create your reality and you are getting results in some areas of your life and not in others, it is time to look into the language you are using and to see how language influence your life. When you can master your language, you can turn internal dialogue into empowering self-talk.

About the Author:

Lindsey Kane is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Religious Science Practitioner. Lindsey is an Outcome Facilitator and teaches classes in Imagining Outcomes, Language of Mastery and Mind Mapping.


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