The Right Use of Will

I would like to introduce you to an extraordinary series of books by Ceanne DeRohan. First, note, that these books are channeled, yet are remarkably consistent in their style and message. I find them equally as insightful and challenging as A Course In Miracles. The following quotation will give you a feel for the style in which the books are written.

"I could not love the Mother where she would not receive me and the Mother could not love me where I did not receive Her. Love is open. Where you are not open, you are not loving. Therefore, you can allow yourselves to notice that holding back is not more loving than giving your true response. This does not mean that your responses is always going to be what has been popularly defined as a positive response, although you will see as you move along here that even what has been termed negative response is a positive response in terms of real lovingness. Opening your vibration and allowing it to move in the Light will allow you to become more loving, not less loving as you think."

Right Use of Will, Ceanne DeRohan

What is most interesting and helpful for me in these books is the definition of will. Will was always a rather confusing issue for me. What did it mean to be willful? Did will mean ego or self? Did will mean some sort of moral force? How did you distinguish between God's will and our own will? None of my answers to these questions were very comfortable until I understood the basic notion expressed in these books. Will, according to DeRohan's channel, is basically emotion. To be distinguished from the Spirit or mind. Emotion opens up the space whereby the creative force of Spirit or mind can germinate. The physical example of the womb is an analogy for this concept. Emotion provides the space and nurturance for the creative spark. The spark requires a womb to create within.

The concept of will equalling emotion is very helpful, once you finally get it in your conceptual framework. For instance, it clearly explains what all the writers about manifestation have been saying. A clearly held thought, given sufficient emotional push, will manifest in the physical. The greater the clarity and the greater the emotional intent or desire, the faster and more complete the manifestation.

The denial of emotions is the denial of the feminine principle, since the feminine principle in basically the will or emotion principle. So when men say, that women are emotional, they are literally correct. Unfortunately, they also tend to denigrate the value of emotion, not understanding that without it, manifestation is impossible. How spirit (the masculine principle) got to feel so negatively about emotion (the feminine principle) is one of the themes of these books. The explanation may be hard to accept in cognitive terms. But for you that have been working with transpersonal sources of problems that occured "before" the advent of cognition as we understand it, you will recognize intuitively what this channel is trying to out-picture.

Another useful concept in these books is the need to express the fear of expressing feelings before you can begin to find a safe place for expressing feelings. In my experience, the fear of feeling, is one of the most potent obstacles that I encounter.

In The Right Use of Will DeRohan's source states: "You need to understand that you can also deny your Will by forcing it to express when it does not feel safe to do so. If you are not ready to express the feelings you have, express the fear of expressing them first. Do not always make this an exercise in word usage. The guilt you need to move out here is guilt that has been with you for a long time. You are just now recognizing its presence or guilt rather than whatever else you thought it was, and you have a lot to learn about why it has been there before you can move it out sucessfully."

DeRohan and her channel, take you are a incredible journey that reads like the diary of Mother and Father God and two other closely aligned characters. The Father of Manisfestation and Heart. During this exposition of these four major characters, an interesting notion occured to me. There are four basic forces in nature: magnetism, gravity, the weak and strong nuclear forces, or more simply, electricity and nuclear.

How do they relate to the four major characters? Gravity, seems to be a function of will or emotion. Very often, patients will describe encounters with figurative or literal black holes. These black holes have the ability to absorb their essence, and no ones returns who is caught be them. Emotions behave like gravity. The more you suppress feelings, the more feelings are caught in the suppression and they feel like a tight, heavy ball in the solar plexus.

Electricity is the spark, or spirit element, the masculine principle. The lightning bolt.

Electricity and Gravity are pretty clear. The other identifications are only tentative. Magnetism is probably related to Heart. We speak of their being a magnetism, a force that pulls lovers together. Love is equated with this magnetic energy.

The Father of Manifestation is related somehow to nuclear force or what is behind that force. The power that feeds the engine of suns. Here, I am out of my league, I do not truly understand modern physics because I do not speak the language of mathematics with enough fluency to understand.

We seldom think of these basic forces as conscious, but why not. We are made up of these forces and we have consciousness. Don't make a big thing of this conjecture. I don't think you can make one to one correlations between levels of consciousness, but for me it adds a kind of credibility to The Right Use of Will series that has made be give more credence to this channeling.

Have fun reading these books. By the way, they are extraordinarily difficult to read for some people. It seems that you have to be ready to hear their message and each paragraph is a condensation or seed of more profound thoughts. That sense of being distillation of thoughts I also found in a work about the concepts of Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, The Search for God, published by the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA

Books by Ceanne DeRohan


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