The Gap: The Storehouse for Overwhelming Emotions

I recently read The Right Use of Will series of books by Ceanne DeRohan. I had never heard of this concept until I read these books and was greatly surprised to find that when I went looking for the gap in the subconscious of my clients, my clients knew a great deal more about this place in consciousness than I did. The gap is one of the places that we store unaccepatable aspects of ourselves: unbearable sorrows, traumas, unfulfilled hopes, desires, beliefs, wishes, lost joy, love, faith, beauty and hope. It contains the memories of emotional experiences that were so overwhelming in their intensity, that they had to be pushed out of our accessible consciousness and stored in a place that was not accessible to the subconscious. However, certain trigger situations can cross the gap and access the emotional energy of these memories when the person is under extreme stress from the internal and external environment. If activated, these spontaneous "eruptions" are often completely out of context and generate emotions of extreme intensity.

The most dramatic and extreme example of these eruptions is the person who runs amok and starts to kill eveyone in sight because of an uncontrollable fury and urge to destroy. Or sometimes it is the uncontrollable urge to run and hide with the absolute belief that someone, either human or alien, is out to get them. These gapped feelings are probably also responsible for many of the bizarre productions that we find in active psychosis. The conscious mind doesn't have a clue where these gapped feelings are coming from and it is not surprising that it has to bend the socially acceptable parameters of causation to account for these overwhelming feelings.

Whoa, you might say, that is not a place that I want to know about, let alone visit. Why bother? It sounds like something to leave well enough alone! For those who are not seeking after that elusive state of enlightenment, the Gap usually serves us well enough to defends us from these memories. But, this defensive barrier is not impermeable. Since this dissociation (getting out of the body) did not occur, the experience was not totally fragmented into a denial fragment. It contains a kind of limbo of unresolved, highly intense emotional events. This repository is responsible for a lot of nagging unresolved feelings and unexplicable responses to situations, and must be cleared before complete freedom from reflexive emotional responses is achieved. Freedom from automatic, unconscious defensive mechanism is a condition that I believe is a prerequisite for true enlightenment. You have to truly "know thyself" and all of "thy defenses" to stay focused in the moment and escape the tyranny of automatically initiated defensive reactions.

I will give you an example of what I personally found in the gap, as it illustrates the types of "shadows" that one might find there. I have a very strong need to believe that my desire to help my fellow travelers on Earth is benevolent and genuine. What I found in the gap one day was very disconcerting, since it was anathema to me that I could have possibly been related in any fashion, even as an archetype, to the personality that I discovered there waiting for me. I found myself in a past lifetime as an inquisitor during the Spanish Inquisition. I truly believed that I was doing God's work in torturing and "purifying" those unfortunate souls that came under my jurisdiction.

I began to clear the gapped intense emotional trauma that had occured at the realization near the time of my death in that lifetime. I remembered that I had the realization that I had been totally misguided and had committed heinous acts against my fellows. This realization was immediately gapped, as it threatened to destroy the structure of my ego's personality. As I worked with the techniques of CRST and cleared the energy and judgments, and answered the questions of why such experience had to happen, I ultimately forgave myself and God ( who always seems to be the ultimate source of blame in these matters). As I finally accepted this memory, archetype or fantasy (it does not matter how you explain it), I realized that I had been seriously damaged. This was confirmed by memories of severe treatment in my childhood in that lifetime and previous lifetimes of anger about what I perceived as God's complete lack of compassion. My cognitive and emotional processes were warped in that previous personality into some sort of belief that all this pain and suffering was a necessary part of life and required by the creator in order to atone for our sins. I had come to believe in the essential evil of man and the need to do penance, voluntarily or involuntarily.

I cleared this gapped memory and in the clearing, it taught me the razor's edge between the genuine desire to assist based on my compassion for humanity's suffering and pain, and the ego's desire to deny my own soul's perceived comdemnation by God to lifetimes of suffering and pain. It also dramatically pointed out to me that how spiritual pride can be the instrument of a host of attrocities. Every thing I had done had been in the name of God, The Church, my spiritual order, the King and had the support of the general social order. The issue of spiritual pride or spirituality twisted to do the service of the small self, is a good one to save for a future article. How do we recognize someone that is a truly enlightened spiritual teacher from someone that is simply acting out some idiosyncratic aspect of their own karma? There are some guidelines and I will share with you my opinions about those guidelines at a later date. We might also talk a little about messianic archetypes and how a little bit of channeling can "spoil" the spirit.

Almost everyone that I have worked with has had gapped memories if they have had multiple experiences in the Earth plane. These memories are usually very specific, and average about 5 to 8 in number. There are also experiences in the gap that are very elusive in our attempts to uncover them, as they are not experiences easily assimilated by the personality. Gapped experiences should not be resolved until the emotional pressure of easily accessible memories are relieved, unless there has been some spontaneous breaking into the gap and consequent acting out of those feelings. The sub-conscious should always be asked before entering into the gap for permission to do so. The clearing of the gap should never be pushed or hurried. It will come up naturally in the order of clearing controlled by the subconscious and the superconscious.

Not everyone has gapped experiences, primarily because they have had no experiences within the earth plane. There are those among us those that I call the "first born." They have no memories, either accessible or gapped, of earlier Earth experiences. They exhibit child-like, naive attitudes toward life. They have memories, but those are of other existences in other planetary systems. I have run across a few instances of gapped extra-terrestrial experiences, but they are rare, as are the "first born" that seek out this type of training. Some recent denial fragments can only recall a few memories of Earth existences through the usual access methods. Theoretically all fragments should have the soul memory of the individual parent entity and the originating over-soul.

I will not be discussing specific techniques here for clearing the gap, since they require some training and preparation by the student and some cautions are in order. It is not particulary difficult or dangerous, but the intensity of the emotions stored in this "place" in consciousness are sometimes frightening to the observer and facilitator. If self- facilitating, you have to be prepared for what you may find, and it is not an area for self-facilitation until you have some practice in some less intense clearings.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA


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