Psychological Research and CRST (Part One)

Causal Release System Training (CRST) is a self-administered and/or peer-facilitated system of desensitizing fear-based psychogenic disorders. Successful outcomes have been anecdotally reported by practitioners of the system for the following disorders: anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, cannabis-related disorders, specific and social phobias, panic disorders, obsessive- compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, somatoform disorders, adjustment disorders, depressive disorders, […]

The Role of Food in the Maintainance of Health

Our society is obsessed with weight, fitness and youth, an exterior expression of our societies fear of death. By focusing on the perceived ideal stages of life, we do not to have to think about the lack of continuity. As long as the external symbols appear to represent immortality, we do not have to face […]

How to Cure Pain by Addressing the Underlying Emotional Issues (Part I)

When patients come to see a therapist, they expect a treatment that is “reasonable, logical and according to the so-called common sense.” Usually our patients don’t expect us to do a miracle cure in order to help them get rid of their pains. They are very aware of the fact that it takes time to […]

How Emotional Conflicts Block the Flow of Energy (Part II)

Continued from Part I How Emotional Conflicts Can Block the Energy Emotional conflicts come into existence the moment when someone has to cope with an unbearable feeling. The organism considers such feelings to be potentially a menace to their whole existence, and therefore separates the feelings from the rest of the organism. In cases of […]

How Emotional Conflicts Block the Flow of Energy (Part I)

Deeply hidden emotional conflicts are the underlying cause of many symptoms and diseases. Although we do not know much about how this works, this belief is generally accepted when talking about psychosomatic illnesses. But where do these conflicts hide? Why do these conflicts disturb our health and well being? Depending on the personal belief-system and […]