Healing Your Heart

Why did I have a heart attack? Will I ever be OK again? Patients frequently have these two questions rolling around in their minds when they find themselves ill and suffering from heart disease. Although modern medicine does not completely understand why people get heart ailments, we have a pretty good understanding that what people […]

The Healing Benefits of Massage

Everyone knows that massage is good for your body. However, studies show that it’s also good for your mind. Research indicates that the power of touch provides benefits beyond relaxation and relief from muscle tension and that massage may actually reduce the need for medications that induce sleep, increase attention span, and alter moods. When […]

Beating Depression

With winter abating and the onset of spring, we expect symptoms of depression to be blown away by the warm breezes, but often this is not the case. Depression is defined in the medical dictionary as a temporary mental state or chronic mental disorder. Depression is not a new health problem. With our extended life […]

Understanding the Biochemical and Biobehavioral Nexus of Depression

From within the depths of despair countless Americans are seeking help from their physicians only to be handed a prescription, an order for a drug that will make the pain go away either by Prozac or Zoloft, Elavil or Asendin, Norpramin or Adapin, Luvox or Tofranil, Serzone or Marplan, Ludiomil or Aventyl, Paxil or Nardil, […]