Separation and The Search for Union

Before we begin to discuss the issue of separtion and union, we might note, that everything we perceive is ultimately symbolically mediated, and symbols are interpreted by each of us idiosyncratically. Consequently, some of what follows may seem fanciful if you do not share my symbolic paradigm. For those of you that do, some of this exposition may resonate with you. Whatever paradigm you hold, try not to read this column in a literal way, but allow the essence of the picture I am trying to portray permeate you though your intuitive faculties.

As another preamble here: if you have read my other articles, by now you are aware that my conception of the "self" is illusive. We have many selves and many levels of self. For example, when we get the disease Alzheimers, our commonly accepted self, the sum total of our accessible memories, become more and more reduced to our long term memories. Short term memory eventually ceases to function and the person in the course of the disease passes through a series of selves. Which of these selves is the true "ego?" This concept of self is very ephemeral and suggests the validity of the survival of a self after death that does not have the concreteness of an "ego" or personality. But as in Tibetan Buddhism, the actions of the prior life affect the following life through the mechanism of karma. Karma as a mechanism is very misunderstood. It is not some sort of divine system of justice as we sometimes think in the west. It is in my way of thinking based upon emotional events and cognitive decisions that continue to affect experience.

In order to discuss the concept of separation and union, we must also define what it is that is being separated. Since self is such an ephemeral concept, I choose to name the highest level of accessible memories that seems to be individuated, the "spirit" level, to distinguish it from the soul level. Some systems equate spirit and soul. We will be using the allegorical model of The Right Use of Will, in order to help us keep these various players straight. In this allegory, spirits were originally created by Mother and Father God at various "times and spaces" with various characteristics. These "early" (recognizing the paradoxes of time and space) creation events are represented by the highest, easily accessible memories of our chain of experience fragmentation. This chain roughly descends into the involutional spectrum from God to spirit; to spirit fragment or over-soul; to soul; to soul Fragment, both disembodied and ensouled ; and finally to disembodied and ensouled fragment. There were, of course, many, many other levels and dimension of creation, but for simplicity's sake, let us stay with this heirarchy. A basic theme in this exposition to remember is "as above, so below." We tend to symbolically mimic or reflect the actions that occur at higher levels, even though we have a limited perception of these mirrorings.

Another principle that we also have to accept in order to continue to tell this story, is that the original descent into duality by the Source of creative potential created both the masculine and feminine principles of spirit (mind, electricity) and will (emotion, gravity.) This ultimate source of consciousness at this level is "The Source" as we can conceive of it within duality. It appears that from the beginning these original creations or spirits had both masculine (spirit) and feminine (will) aspects that were given a greater or lesser focus. Many of these original spirits identified with or focused on masculine (spirit) characteristics and others feminine (will) characteristics. We find that many of these spirits in their incarnation experiences usually staying true to their original masculine\feminine focus in evolutional manifestations. However, even those most intrenched in a single polarity, cross over in subsequent incarnations on occasion to experience the other side of the duality equation. Most of the earliest memories of this early level of spirit creation find us involved with groups of closely related (energetically/vibrationally) spirits. Many times, at this original spirit level, there is one spirit that is almost identical in vibration to another of the opposite sex identification. Somethimes, an agreement to work together to emulate the original creation of Mother and Father God was made. This attraction or twinning creates what you might call the primary bi-sexual, dualistic spirit level.

From this primary spirit attraction twinning, we have the derived popular notion of the "twin soul," our other identical part, which we are all trying to find. In actuality, this pining for union is only symbolic of the desire to regain a perceived lost union with the original Source. For at that original spirit level, according to the memories we have found, we were all completely aware of our oneness with the Source and our twinning is symbolic of the original creative process. We continue to attempt to recapture this original situation on the physical level of consciousness in our relationships with the opposite sex. We are seeking to emulate the union that we perceive we lost at the original creation.

OK, I got it. God made spirits and some of them were so close as to almost be twins. They in fact acted like they were twins and many continued to work together in the process of creation. What is this all about?

Well, I am getting to the point. This higher level spirit duality is sometimes manifest on the physical plane by spirit pairs that have primarily universal, spiritual teaching purposes rather than individuated, karmic resolution purposes of most soul pairings. These spirit pairs with spiritual purposes are most vividly represented in my mind in the example of Jesus and his consort, Mary Magdalene.

Hey, Mary Magdalene was the prostitute that Jesus saved, not his consort!

Well that is the standard Christian interpretation, but I don't prefer that story of the master teacher's life, so I have collected some other suggestions of evidence that would support a tale that smacks more true to my intuition.

First of all in the Bible there are illusions to a number of Marys that were probably confused by early writers. Be that as it may, I do not wish to argue about Biblical authenticity. I first came across this admittedly heretical notion in a book called the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, another chanelled book. In that book the channelled source was describing the initiations Jesus had undergone in order to achieve the spiritual level of mastery which would raise him to the title of Christ.

What Initiations?

You are going to have to read the book. There are far too many allusions here to document all of them. The most difficult of all these initiations was the intiiation of love. A beautiful maiden was brought to him and he fell immediately in love. He overcame the desire to remain with this lady and live a happy, ordinary life in order to continue on with his spiritual mission. Interestingly, this maiden shows up later in the book as a singer, one that is described as entertaining the groups that Jesus attracted. Sounds a little like a revival meeting, but music has been part of ritual forever.

I got the immediate intuitive connection that this singer must have been Mary Magdalene. A clear "knowing." At that time I started toying with this idea of twins since I had just had the experience of a karmic drama with one of my own denial fragments, that was impossible for me to explain. How could some one look so much like me, have almost identical fingerprints, have experiences and abilities that were the flip side of my own record, etc. I am getting into allusions about fragmentation, something that I have been talking about the article Multiple Personalites: An Esoteric Perspective.

Like most of my experiences with the wonders of consciousness, my original interpretation of this personal relationship was clearly wrong and I was told that I was wrong at that time by my denial fragment, although I did not understand it at the time. That experience of finding my "twin soul" triggered the interest to pursue this baffling conundrum. I came across two books with some information that I found fascinating: The Blood and the Grail and its sequel, which describes the relationship of Mary Magdalene and Jesus after the crucifixion. In these books, Jesus survives the crucifixion and we later find Jesus and Mary Magdalene, not only consorts, but man and wife, working together. Mary eventually goes to France with the children and Jesus is said to live on for a number of years. I would hasten to add that these books are primarily the story about a conspiracy by the alleged blood relatives of Jesus to rule the world. However, some of the allusions about the churches dedicated to Mary Magdalene in France and the alleged response of the Catholic Church to this heretical notion are very interesting.

Whether literally true or untrue is not the point here. I believe that the part of the divine plan that demonstrates and assists us to understand the complexity of the human drama, presents for our training these plays by a wandering group of minstrels that I call the myth makers, often focused on a master teacher and his/her consort. I do not believe that the myth makers have ever excluded this essential element of polarity or duality in humanity. There is always the masculine-feminine aspect displayed in our model myth/dramas although usually censored and considered insignificant by the prevailing religions of the past several millenia. And so the pendulum swings and we are growing back toward our original memories of duality and the separation. The so-called white man anger or backlash is an example of the masculine polarities' denial of this primordial duality. The emphasis in this age on spirit (cognitive, material aspects) is a denial of the feminine will (emotional, intuitive} nature based upon complete ignorance of the cosmic drama.

How does this relate to Transpersonal Psychology? Well, it all goes back to our original birthing and what we originally were and continue to be. It seems that we all entered into this descent into duality and materiality knowingly. What we had not predicted or expected was the intensification of the original emotional responses while manifest in duality. It became even worse when we chose to enter the bodies of animals that we help create through recombinant genetics from other aspects of creation. The emotional responses were overwhelming. Not only that, we were cut off, or so we believed, from the Source. For part of what happened is the kind of amnesia that is mimicked in our own birth and rebirth cycle and to a lesser degree our sleeping and dreaming. All of these early cosmic events, only vaguely understood and primarily allegorical, are the primary sources of much of the original trauma with which we are still struggling. It is the source of our spiritually most painful experience, separation from the Source. We just don't like our little experiment in duality and we have blamed the Source into talking us into a plan that had some unanticipated results. The separation from the Source explains the feelings of anger, rejection, alienation, fear, and isolation surrounding God that most searches for root causation ultimately find. We all are trying to capture that original spirit state where we were one with the Creator and felt complete. In our unions with our husbands, wives, lovers we trying to merge both physically and spiritually to enter a state that mimics the original union.

Within the relationship of men and women lie the roots of the original relationship between the creative aspects of Mother and Father God. For like all fragments, we retain the memories of the parent entities. Were there conflicts inherent in duality? Were Mother and Father God destined to misunderstand each other? Are Mother and Father God conscious and do they feel emotions? Remember the basic premise of "as above, so below."

We can remember however, to look at the examples of the masculine-feminine union exemplified by Jesus and Mary Magdelene to remind us of the original union with the Creator and what that union feels like. It is time to remember our roots, forgive the mistakes of ourselves and our symbolic unions, and try to see if there is a better way to proceed. For it may be time that our creative sources, Mother and Father God and all their teachers, feel that relationships need to be reexamined. We need to realize that no other individuated entity can fill the emptiness and loneliness we feel about the separation. We need to recall that the polarity of male and female is purposive and neither is more valuable. Without Will, Spirit is limited in its ability to create and without Spirit, Will is also limited.

At best, our current relationships with others are only an allegory of how things once were and may be again. After all, we have had at least 15 billion years of experience with duality, assuming that our creation as spirits occurred somewhat early in this great cycle and we are still stuggling to wake up from this original delusion of separation. Acceptance of the original creation of our differences and our own choice of polarities, and how these events are aspects of the cosmic drama, is a prelude to letting go and forgiving the original cosmic parents and our feelings of abandonment, loneiness, anger, fear and sadness that accompanied the perceived separation.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA


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