Releasing Karmic Connections

My name is John Andrews. I have been unable to communicate verbally for a year and a half because of Lou Gehrig's Disease. For the last six months, though my mind felt the same, my caregivers would only know if I answered "yes" or "no" with a biofeedback device attached to my neck. Through proper questioning, a dialogue of sorts could still take place, but it was difficult to hold onto reality with such limited interaction. I was consumed with destructive thoughts, not knowing the thoughts were not my own.

Carl had discussed past life karma with Victoria and me before, but we didn't take it very seriously. I realize now it was my own fears that prevented me from examining the truth.

Carl had asked us again to examine our past life connection because of current life issues that needed to be resolved. With guidance from Carl, Victoria was able to ask me "yes-no" questions about the events that led to other questions and the scenario unfolded.

The first lifetime we discussed was in Russia in the mid 1800's. Victoria was my wife and I was mean and abusive, treating her like property. Because of my abuse, she conferred with my physician, who was Carl, to murder me in a way that was undetectable. They gave me increasing doses of arsenic till I died. I knew Carl loved Victoria, but I never suspected they were trying to kill me. As Victoria related the details that Carl had outlined with her about this past life, I was overcome with emotion. I could not believe this experience that had been revealed to me in a dream was being told to me with such precision in clarity and detail. It was as if I was lost in a cave and I saw a glimmer of light from a rescuer's lantern. The tears streamed down my face as I realized the significance in my life. Having this information, yet being unable to share it with anyone left me feeling alone and afraid. Now I knew there was hope to better understand our current situation and change our karma before history repeated itself.

I indicated to Victoria there was another life we needed to examine. In this lifetime, Victoria and I were married. The time frame was the early 1900's in Bolivia. We were quite wealthy and I showered Victoria with gifts to try and resolve my guilt after beating and abusing her. I was a drunken scoundrel. Again, she was like property. We were oblivious to any past life connection. Carl was my business partner and we were a ruthless team. Again, understandably, Victoria tired of my abuse and killed me with a shotgun. This is the only detail on which Carl and I disagree. He sees me having died alone in a barn abusing a horse. Again I could hardly believe this was happening. I thought I alone held the information in my cave. I indicated to Victoria there was one more past life to explore.

We were married, wealthy and living around Aspen, Colorado in the mid 1900's. Carl and I were business partners. Victoria was once again a victim of my cruelty and abuse. As I think of this now, it is difficult to believe, but apparently, it is so. Anyway, Victoria thought Carl was a dark force in my life and shot us both dead where our bodies could not be found.

Each of us worked on the necessary forgiveness to release the karma of the past lives. We each had to forgive ourselves. I've learned a lot about forgiveness in the last few weeks. We all know it is a good thing, but it is not so easily achieved.

I felt I had stayed alive this long for a reason, but up to this point, did not know what the reason was. I now felt that I was ready to die, having resolved the karma from past lives with Victoria and Carl.

Victoria knew that I was ready, but did not want our final hours together to be spent trying to support my physical body from becoming ill. How could she know that I was really ready to die in peace? Carl suggested an exercise to establish a signal that might be a feeling, an image, a sound or even a word. The signal that came through was three words, "Peace, love and forgiveness." When I realized Victoria could hear my words, I could feel my energy body jump with joy. I was like a child told he was going to Disneyland for the first time. We both cried. Now I was certain I could be rescued from my cave.

We began experimenting and soon Victoria was able to hear not only words, but complete sentences. We could also share images. It was the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. She wrote down my thoughts as I wrote letters in my mind to my family. I was thrilled that I could still formulate sentences and fully communicate my thoughts.

Soon the joy turned to madness as I became obsessed with possessing Victoria. Carl became concerned and told Victoria to ask me about 1360 BC Mongolia. This had only recently come to me in a dream. I was fearful to share with Victoria yet another tale of destruction and abuse, but knowing Carl was privy to the details, I knew I had to reveal the truth to her telepathically.

I began to philosophically detail another saga of cruelty and abuse, fudging only on the detail of how I acquired Victoria. I told her she was purchased in a card game, but Carl challenged that. The truth was, I murdered her family and raised her as a baby to be my slave. The words became more haunting and frightening. When I told her I was the God of Darkness, owned her soul and wanted her to die as my sacrifice, she realized she was in over-her-head. She called Wind Woman who assured her that no soul owns another and that I was channeling the Darkness. Perhaps this was the first time in this lifetime or any other that Victoria and I realized the anger, hatred and resentment I directed at her was not coming from me but an evil outside force.

Wind Woman calmed Victoria, summoned angels to help us and gave us prayers to empower us. This is my favorite one which Victoria calls a poem:

Omniscience thou art my mother
Omnipotence thou art my father
Hold my mind in this truth
For thy will is my salvation

We said the prayers over and over, feeling stronger and closer with each word. I know Victoria believed in me and I felt as if a huge boulder had been removed from my shoulders. The words of abuse had not been my own, but due to my unenlightenment, I had allowed this manipulation for centuries.

We updated Carl the next day. He prayed and meditated for us. His guidance told him of an energetic connection I had with the Darkness that made me it's possession and that I possessed Victoria in the same manner. It was similar to a puppet whose strings were pulled by a larger puppet. The being of the Darkness was John's puppeteer and John was Victoria's. As she related this to me, I felt in my heart it was true, but it was difficult to believe.

With Carl's guidance, we performed a Prayer Circle after summoning RedCloud, a powerful Indian spirit guide, and a beautiful, loving spirit named Dora Lee. Victoria would greet the directions (East, South, West, North, circle center, and above) while smudging with sage and tobacco, then we said this prayer:

I choose liberty, life and love
I choose these things for myself
We ask these prayers be carried with
sacred smoke (face above)
To the Great Mystery. Thank you

Victoria would then thank the directions and burn the sage and tobacco under my bed. I had an immediate sense of the power in this ritual. We repeated it for 7 consecutive days.

During this time, Victoria and I both developed pain in the same place in our upper back. Carl said these had been our energetic connections that were being severed from our spines. It was an interesting theory, but became real when at one point Victoria was writhing in pain. She was so afraid, but telling me not to be afraid lest we draw the Darkness. I was horrified thinking I was unable to help her, but I looked in my heart for the answers Carl had always said I held there. I prayed for forgiveness, love and light. I knew that light was toxic to the Darkness. It felt as if my body was a beacon of light and I illuminated the room with light. It was at that moment when Victoria's pain lessened and she was able to relax that I knew I was not as helpless as my physical body appeared. I knew I had helped her through this crisis and I was exhilarated. By week's end, our back pain had resolved and my attitude about living completely changed. I was no longer obsessed with possessing Victoria. My heart and mind were full of new possibilities because my perception of life and the universal order had changed.

Though the darkness still comes to me, one of us recognizes the familiar message of hate and despair and gently sends the dark entities on their way. A simple prayer returns me to a state of bliss:

Michael, Mary, Ruth and Jesus
Please release all entities in us
as appropriate. Thank you

I don't think the Darkness is drawn to me anymore but rather disembodied souls come to us for release. We imagine them lined up outside the loft as they were in Whoopi Goldberg's office in "Ghost". It makes us feel like healers instead of heathens.

I feel as if I have been reborn, because of the love, understanding and guidance form Carl and Victoria. I know it's hard to imagine as I lay here unable to move, but I feel I am the happiest man on the face of the Earth.

Written by John Andrews, Carl Brahe, MA and Victoria Hall, RN


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