Qi: The Divine Spark of Life

The Divine Spark of Life...Prana...Ki...Qi...Vital Life Force. Ancient healing traditions teach of the flow of energy through our beings, detailing the flow and transformation of Qi which sparks all life and activity in the body. "We are spiritual beings, having a spiritual experience, biochemically activated and emotionally charged...(W)e are holographic, compressed energy patterns, slowed down to the speed of light and held together by an electromagnetic field." (1) This powerful statement illustrates how we are so much more than just biochemistry. This knowledge of the ancients is being rediscovered and corroborated by modern science in the realm of physics and other areas, but it has not yet filtered down to influence our medical model and way of thinking about ourselves and the world. This article briefly explores the paradigm of a human energy system and offers perspectives on the dynamic relationship between light, energy and the human body.

The Chinese character for human, shows a person standing in between heaven and earth. As an integrated part of the earth and heaven, we are intimately connected to and affected by the cycles of nature. It has long been known that we contain both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) magnetic fields in our body. Researchers find that one way we are affected by the earth's energy, is that "All growth and repair, which depend on regulated cell division, are synchronized with the earth's field." (2) It is theorized that the earth's normal field plays a major role in the DC system's regulatory function in the body and influences such functions as pineal gland secretion, bacterial activity and cell division. (3)

Ancient medicine teaches us that a component of the energy that vitalizes us, makes us alive and sparks all biochemical energy, is Qi, vital energy. Light is also considered essential for life. Research on light in various scientific fields gives food for thought. Nature magazine this year reported that scientists have discovered how to slow down the speed of light, something previously never conceived of as a possibility. They were able to slow it down to about the speed of a train by passing light through a ruby. (4) Under more complicated conditions, they have been able to get light to just about a standstill. (5).

Human organisms take in light but in different ways than plants do. We take in light partly in the form of plant food, which is one reason why fresh food is so vital and essential to our well-being. Light coming through our eyes is known to stimulate the pineal gland and effect the rhythm and secretion of hormones that influence our health and well-being. Light affects us through our skin as well.

The concept of living organisms as being light and color is not far-fetched. In fact, every cell is found to emit light and color. Most people know that every chemical compound can be analyzed to determine its spectral range of activity, which is as unique as a fingerprint. Dozens of laboratories around the world have found that plants, animals and single cells emit a weak biological light, known as bio-luminescence, which also reflects the cell's state of health. For example, researchers have found that the light emission from tumor tissue is quite different than from that of healthy tissue. (6) It is theorized that a disordered cell is the result of alteration in the light and color quality of the cell, which causes a deficiency or disharmony in the energetic information of the cell.

German scientist Dr. F. Popp states that our cells also emit tiny bio-photons, which are like waves. This light and color is considered by scientists to carry information. Energy is bundled in these bio-photons which travel at the speed of light. Dr. Popp's theory is that the photons act as carriers of information in the living system. Any disruption in this system affects the health of the whole body. (7)

There is a constant communication via light and color at the cellular level in the body. I think of the cells like stars in the sky, twinkling and pulsing with light and color. The pulsating frequencies of light and color have been found to be a primary communication system in the body, which is basically instantaneous (at the speed of light). (8) This instantaneous communication is much faster (well, the speed of light at least!) than the chemical communication network we currently know, where chemicals travel along specific pathways to reach their destination. This is like the difference between traveling in a space ship at the speed of light or traveling in a train.

Light and energy influence the biochemical activity in our body. Photons (light without mass) usually transmit energy to all electrically charged particles, such as electrons (particles of matter). This is known as the Compton effect. (9) This excitatory quality of light stimulates or influences the release of ions and electrical impulses which are transmitted along the nerve paths that travel through the body along various pathways, such as through the master controller of the body, the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, which influences and controls the endocrine, nervous and immune systems. No wonder color healing is one of the most ancient healing systems and light has such a profound effect on our being. In Europe, Dr. Peter Mandel has developed a method that combines use of color with the principles of acupuncture as an effective treatment modality known as Colorpuncture.

In some ancient Oriental traditions, the process of our creation is described in terms of the Divine Spark of Light, Light and Love with which our life begins. Throughout our life, light and energy is received into our system at a rate we can handle it Ð much like electricity flows into a house. When there is a harmonious flow of energy through the body and organ systems, there is health. Any disruption in the flow of energy can result in disease. Areas on the meridian pathways, known as Safety Energy Locks in Jin Shin Jyutsu or acupuncture points in Chinese medicine, will shut down or give us a signal of discomfort to let us know what area of flow is disrupted and needs attention. This is similar to our homes, when the circuit breaker shuts off to protect our whole house from fire when one area of circuitry is having trouble.

Evidence of meridians has never been found in dissection, because something that carries the vital life force will not be found in a dead corpse. However, evidence of the meridian systems detailed by Chinese medicine has been found by researchers using other methods with living animals and humans. Radioactive isotopes injected into acupoints were found to navigate precisely through specific pathways that scientists called duct systems. The isotopes were found nowhere else in the body but in these duct systems. (10) The duct systems mapped by the researchers precisely matched the meridian systems described in Chinese medicine thousands of years ago.

The nature and role of the meridian systems is still being investigated in modern times, but it is generally accepted that the meridians interface between the energetic and physical systems of the body, carrying the vital life force to nourish all cells, tissues and physiological systems. It has been found, for example, that the meridians connect to the genetic center of each cell, playing a role in the replication and differentiation of cells. Embryologically, the meridian system precedes others in formation. In one study, Professor Kim found that in embryo chicks, meridian ducts were formed within fifteen hours of conception, well prior to the formation of even the most rudimentary organs. It is hypothesized that the meridian system exerts an influence on the formation and spatial orientation of the internal organs, the nervous, lymphatic and vascular systems. (11)

In another experiment, soon after the Liver meridian was severed in some poor animal, hepatocytes were found to be enlarged and within three days, serious vascular degeneration was seen throughout the whole liver. (12) For many decades in Germany, wholistic dentists utilize the knowledge of how the teeth relate to specific organ systems, meridians, parts of the body and mental/emotional issues. Poor health in an organ will show up in the related tooth and vice versa.

We are indeed much more than biochemistry! By treating the body at the energetic level through the meridian system, the whole body benefits because this system underlies all the others. Our biochemistry adjusts itself in relationship to this harmonious flow of energy and is secondary to it. Disruption in our biochemistry can eventually hamper the flow of Qi and affect the bio-luminescence of cells in the body. Once disruption and ill health have occurred, it is essential to simultaneously address the person at all levels to help restore health sooner and with more lasting results.

There are many causes of disease, but the first manifestation is in the energetic layers of the body. According to Chinese medicine, physical symptoms are one of the later stages of a disorder. Hence, the practitioner works with each person individually to reach his or her own bioenergetic balance, allowing health and well-being to flourish at all levels. The underlying energetic system must be restored to harmony for the rest of the body to heal well. This is why healing arts such as acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Qi Gong and others are invaluable as part of an integrated healing program.

We nourish our daily energy and deep energy reserve and restore harmony to our being through eating fresh, quality foods, through natural, deep breathing, internal exercise such as Qi Qong, through meditation and prayer, through developing positive and joyful emotions and attitudes that give us a bountiful heart that overflows into life. Through renewing our connection to the Divine and developing harmony in our lives and in all our relationships, we allow the harmonious flow of Life and Love through our beings which gives Light to all.

Someday, perhaps children will grow up learning about their subtle, energetic anatomy alongside physiology and biochemistry. For now, this information lays in the realm of Eastern medicine, esoteric studies and advanced scientific fields such as quantum physics. This valuable information is a treasure that helps us expand our view of the world and our understanding of who we are. Knowing who we are brings deep healing.

Written by Suzanne E. Sky, L.Ac., MTOM


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