Psoriasis and Its Common Triggers

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a non-contagious, non-infectious skin disorder identified as a form of the condition and tends to be unsightly and almost invariably is uncomfortable for the sufferer.

It is generally accepted that the predisposition to psoriasis is inherited and psoriasis occurs in those where the condition is suitably triggered. In some the trigger is never set off and the condition may never occur.

Very often Psoriasis appears in the scalp, on the elbows , on the knees. In many individuals its only location is in the scalp where it is often mistaken for dandruff.

Psoriasis is not contagious nor infectious in any of its forms; one person cannot pass it to another. Therefore, one cannot 'catch' psoriasis by touching or being with someone who suffers from the disease. The good news is that Psoriasis is treatable, but it all depends on the condition of the person.

Therefore, one course of treatment that answers very well to one person may not work for another, which means that there is no one standard treatment that will give equally good results to every Psoriasis patient.

Ayurveda being holistic , considers every disease condition as a state of imbalance of the body constituents of the person which is different from one person to another.

A few points to note if you are suffering from Psoriasis:

You may have noticed already, that certain habits aggrevate the skin condition at times. Beware of these aggravating factors. The following are some such factors that seem to make psoriasis worse in some people:

Skin irritation:

Scratching, rubbing and sunburn can cause psoriasis worsen. You should avoid irritating your psoriasis as much as possible.

Exposure to Sun:

Sun exposure to a certain extent can be very helpful for psoriasis condition. However some psoriasis patients may find their skin condition worsens with exposure to sun. So best thing is to avoid too much of exposure to sun.


By experience, you may have noticed that certain food you eat do not agree with your system and psoriasis tends to worsen when certain food is consumed. Ayurveda strictly recommends that acidic and heaty vegetables/ meat should always be avoided.


For some individuals, the Psoriasis condition aggravates when they are under stress and tension. It is a good practice if you could avoid such situations as much as possible. Meditation, practiced regularly would be an ideal way of relief from stress and tension.

*** Remember, psoriasis can flare without any seeming cause. In general, you know by experience, what causes your skin condition to worsen and make it a point to avoid such situations.

Written by Dr. Chandra


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