Nine Faces of Christ: Quest of the True Initiate

This re-publication of Nine Faces of Christ: Quest of the True Initiate, first published in India in 1972 is being reviewed because of the applicability of the contents to all of us. This is not the literal story of the historical Christ, it takes place in 57BC, although it could easily be. It is the story of the "the Great Candidate for the Eternal Initiation - the Spirit Self of the one who reads! For any of you that is interested in mystical initiation process, this is an exceptional book.

It is most instructive since it provides an excellent comparison of the initiatory traditions of the Essenes, the Magians, the Brahmins, the Druids, the religion of Hermes\Thoth of the Egyptians and others. What intrigues me is the not the difference in the expressed form and content of the various initiatory schools, since all mystery schools essentially teach similar content, but the difference in methods and emphasis in the teaching.

Therefore, I, the choice of the Council, had been trained carefully. First in the Essene Brotherhood I had been trained in orthodox religion, and in love and kindness. Upon the ship of the Masters, the Britannin, I had been trained is the viciouness of fear and punishment and physical aggression. In the lands of the Druids I had been trained in ancient wisdoms through symbols, through regimentation, action, fear and stress. In the lands of the Hindus, I had been trained in the aspects of withdrawal, tenderness and peace. In the Persian religion, I had been trained through the use of thought-force, wisdom and good deeds. In the Egyptian religion I had been trained by suggestion and thought-force.

This book, is another of those works that I most appreciate because of the emphasis on the underlying principles behind the various forms and dogmas. This book also notes that even beyond the mastery of the individual school's forms and dogmas, one needs to continue studying to transcend the forms. Although, all of the various points of view are valuable and important to understand, they are only parts of the holon, to use the words of Ken Wilber.

After having mastered all of the various systems, our Christ (Christ means "Annointed"), Joseph-bar-Joseph, then undergoes the rigors of the Eternal Initiate to finally achieve Mastership or Adeptship. The road to this Mastership is difficult, but not impossible. It requires great dedicaiton and persistence, but is is attainable. It is the hope of our age that this "annointing or Christing" process described so well in this book represents the "second coming" of the historical Christ who modeled Mastership and its final tests for us. For a preview of what Mastery or Adeptship involves, read this excellent book written by a someone with vast knowledge of the religious and spiritual.

As an aside, when I named Causal Release System Training, I was simply trying to find some words that described the process. I always thought it was kind of an odd name until someone pointed out that I had unconsciously chosen the acronym CRST. When you add the letters 'h' and 'i' you then have C-h-R-i-ST. As cutesy as it might be considered, it was very appropriate since CRST at one level is very much an initiatory training based on perennial spiritual philosophy. Curious how we are led by our subconscious to convey messages symbolically of which we were not consciously aware.


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