Love and Healing

"Set me as a seal upon thine heart;
As a seal upon thine arm;
For love is strong as death;
Jealousy is cruel as the grave,
The flashes hereof are flashes of fire,
A Flame of the Lord.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Neither can the floods drown..."

King Solomon

There is only one pure emotion. That is love. All other emotions are an expression of love or of fear of losing love.

At the first "AIDS, Medicine and Miracles Conference" in 1987, the audience watched in amazement as speaker after speaker told his story of long term survivorship with AIDS. At the time it was believed that long term survival was impossible. It was believed that an AIDS diagnosis was a death sentence in all cases that would be carried out is a year's time. Yet, here were a handful of men who had survived up to ten years and looked healthy. Each man knew with certainty why he had survived. Each credited his relative health to a strong loving relationship and the support of a significant other.

Candace Pert's work with peptides, which she calls the bio-chemistry of emotion, has identified these cells as the messengers that deliver every instruction to every other cell, telling them when to do what and how to do it. These messages are in the form of emotion. Each instruction that directs the maintenance, repair, growth and defense of every aspect of the human body is emotion. The messages are influenced by the overall emotional state of the individual. A depressed person delivers messages of depression to each cell in each moment. An angry person has angry cells. A person in love, allowing the free flow of love without fear, is healthier, more robust and more resistant to disease and injury. We are literally created and sustained by love.

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Bernie Seigel, in Love, Medicine and Miracles, talks about the effects of love on healing and health. He says that people in love have lower blood pressure and lower levels of lactic acid in their blood making them less tired. This may be reflected in the fact that married men live longer. People in love have higher levels of endorphins associated with euphoria and an increased pain threshold. Their white blood cells respond better when faced with infection. Seigel states that love may help prevent heart disease, citing a well reported research project that went awry: Rabbits were fed a diet that guaranteed a build-up of plaque in their arteries blocking the flow to the heart. When autopsied, half the rabbits had a much lower level of arterial plaque than could be reasonably expected. It turned out that a lab assistant petted half the rabbits at night, giving them added affection. These were the rabbits with the relatively clean arteries.

Even watching loving acts may improve immune function. Bernie Seigel reports that people shown documentaries of Mother Teresa's work had increased levels of immunoglobulin-A in their saliva. This is the first live defense against viral infections and colds.

Victor Frankl understood the role of love in healing on all levels. He said "Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No on can become fully aware of the essence of another human being until he loves him. By the spiritual act of love he is enabled to see the essential traits and features of the beloved person; and even more he sees that which is potential in him, that which is not yet actualized but yet ought to be actualized. Furthermore, by his love, the loving person enables the beloved person to actualize those potentials. By making him aware of what he can be and what he should become, he makes the potentialities come true."

Frankl said, "The truth is that love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire. The salvation of men is through love and in love." He understood that a person's state of mind, his courage and hope, or lack of these things, affect the immune system. He believed that severe disappointment lowers immune response. He said, "When faith in the future is lost the will to live become paralyzed." When the belief that we are lovable is lost, we lose the will to live and our health deteriorates. Frankl reported that the death rate in the Nazi concentration camp where he was held during WWII increased between Christmas and New Years. He believed that this was due to the disappointment at not being home for the holidays, rather than the harsh weather and increased cold.

Some people believe that pure love is the essential energy of all creation, the primal God stuff that all things are made of. It's a basic assumption of physics that everything in the universe and all that exists are functions of the flow of love. All creation is the expression of love. The fear of losing love and the forms that fear takes, e.g. hatred, anger, fear, envy, jealousy, etc., represent the stagnation or restriction of the flow of love. In a broad sense, this restriction and/or stagnation is disease.

Some healing systems view the body as a composite of various bodies created by a continuum of energy that flows from the pure energy state to the slow vibration of the physical body. In this view the physical body is created from essential energy, of God stuff, by the intention of the consciousness that creates it by slowing the vibrational rate until the energy congeals as matter. This consciousness is the soul or essential mind. The choices of the soul form the body from the universal energy pool, like an ice cube being created form the universal body of water that permeates everything on Earth, in the Earth and above the Earth. The ice cube give the illusion of being separate from the universal water body, but is not really.

As the energy slows to create the physical body, several distinct phases exist in the continuum. These are sometimes referred to as separate bodies although they exist in the same space in a holographic fashion. A system using five bodies might name these:

1. Causal, 2. Astral, 3. Mental, 4. Emotional, 5. Physical.

The Causal Body

The causal body is the first stage of slowing of vibration. This body responds instantly and perfectly to the slightest intent of the individual. This is the body that connects with the pure unpotentiated potential of universal energy and begins the manifestation of energy into the various other realms and forms of existence. At the causal level, pure unconditional love, or unconditional forgiveness, for even an instant is sufficient to heal any life challenge or create miracles. On this level, a new body may be completely regenerated or a complete change in individual reality may occur. An instant of unconditional love may cure the most hideous disease, repair the most extensive damage or restore perfect function to even the most paralyzed body. Unfortunately, unconditional love is something few ever experience. Without the experience of having it modeled it's unlikely anyone can achieve it.

The Chinese call the essential energy Chi. According to Nei Ching: "The roots of the way of life, of birth and change is Chi (energy): The myriad of things of heaven and earth all obey this law. Thus Chi in the periphery envelopes heaven and earth. Chi in the interior activates them. The source where from the sun, moon and stars derive their light, the thunder, rain, wind and cloud their being, the four seasons and the myriad things in their birth, growth, gathering and storing: all this is brought about by Chi. Man's possession of life is completely dependent on Chi." If Chi is understood as pure, unconditional or pure unmanifested love, it follows that love is the key to health of not only the individual but of all things. Love is the essence of all things.

"I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love." - Henry Ward Beecher.

The Astral Body

A slower level of vibration on the continuum is the astral body. This body is the source of connection to all other manifestations of the universal energy. The astral body provides communication with everything else in the universe outside the individual. This is the place where agreement to participate in our shared reality takes place. This is the place in ourselves that maintains harmonious existence with the universe. The astral body binds us to our common reality keeping us within the dimensions of everyday reality.

The Mental Body

The next slower level of the continuum is the mental body. The mental body is where we create our individual realties within the guidelines of the common reality. Our individual reality is subordinate to the common reality and must follow it's boundaries. It's here that our individual beliefs come into play. Your reality is the expression of your life energy within the boundaries of your beliefs. Your belief system is the playing field and rules of play. Your soul is the player. There is nothing within your reality that you have no belief to support. All things that exist outside these boundaries are simply beyond your capability to experience. You are unable to experience what you have not belief to support. In the book, A Separate Reality, by Carlos Casteneda, Don Juan talks about the first attention being the rules of reality we adopt when we join the world of language, or verbalization. The first attention includes everything that is supported by the concepts that make up the totality of our language. The first attention automatically excludes everything that has no concept within our language to support it. Casteneda relates a story of Don Juan and Don Genaro calling an ally to a cabin where the three waited. The door began to shake and a terrible commotion roared outside. Don Juan and Don Genaro felt great fear while Carlos seemed impervious to it. Don Genaro joked that Carlos wasn't smart enough to be scared. Don Juan assured Genaro that even if the ally were let in the cabin, and even if it destroyed the two men, Carlos would be unable to experience. He would be safe in his limited belief system.

The Emotional Body

The next slower body is the emotional body. This is the last energetic phase of manifestation before the physical body. This body connects with the emotional vibrations of others. Like all the bodies, it manifests the physical body according to it's intent. The emotional body is very sensitive to the feelings of others and reacts in sympathetic vibration to outside emotions in a similar way to the sympathetic vibration of tuning forks. When a tuning fork is struck it emits a sound. When it's brought close to a tuning fork of the same pitch, the second fork begins to vibrate in sympathy with the first. The second fork produces the same tone as the first. When an angry person walks through a shopping mall, he leaves the vibration of anger in the places he passes. It trails behind him as he moves, lingering in the places he's been. An unaware person passing through the lingering vibration may begin to feel angry. If she allows the choice of anger in the moment, consciously or unconsciously, she will begin to vibrate with sympathetic anger. She will automatically assign the anger to something within her personal reality, a person, concept or situation. She will then trail the anger behind her, leaving even more anger lingering for the unaware to join in. The same is true for love. If we emanate love, we invite all those whom we touch with our vibrations to join in loving feelings.

The emotional body provides the most immediate and available way to affect the physical body through energetic intervention. We can always choose to stop vibrating with unhealthy emotions. We can always choose to vibrate unconditional love rather that the forms of fear of loss of love.

The Physical Body

The slowest level of the body continuum is the physical body. It's the slowest body to react to changes in the overall being and the last to manifest healing. The physical body is the barometer of the total state of the person on all levels and his overall health.

Unconditional love is the absence of restrictions in the flow of energy that creates the body. In the absence of restrictions the state of health is robust. Health problems can be seen in the energy bodies as restrictions and stagnations even before they manifest in the physical body. The restrictions of stagnation of essential energy may be seen as separation from God or the fear of separation from God. If all things are manifestations of God Stuff, universal energy, real separation is impossible. It follows that disease, as well as all other life challenges result from the illusion of separation from God.

It's been said that the only thing you can always choose is your attitude. In any situation you can choose to love all involved including yourself. This may be the most important healing act you can perform. Evelyn Eaton, in, The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel, says, "The first indispensable step towards healing, especially the healing of cancer, is to release all resentment, to summon up, to review and dismiss all that our wounded egos hold against anyone who has ever hurt us, all the recent stabs, and all those old unhappy far off things, and battles long ago, so long that our conscious memory may have forgotten them, so long that they may stem from a previous life. We must release everything, empty it all out, bless and free everyone, including ourselves, especially ourselves, of every guilt." Ultimate healing comes from choosing unconditional love for ourselves and for others.

Written by Carl Brahe, MA and Victoria Hall, RN

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