Induction Phenomenon

For a long time I have realized that when I am working with a person that there is a very close connection/influence with that person on an energetic-emotional-psychic level. This was obviously so during channeling, empathing, or reading the Akashic record. I also recognized that for me the best way to teach meditation was to simply meditate with persons without a lot of cognitive direction and that they "got it" by induction. What is this process of induction. For a long time I could not articulate what induction was about very clearly. Although still more easily demonstrated experientially, I would like to share some thoughts about induction with you.

Let's start with meditation. A few years back I had the opportunity on two occasions to experience a very remarkable man. Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He attained mahasamadhi , (the process through which yogis leave behind the physical body) on March 28,1994. When meditating with Sri Shivabalayogi and a large group of his folllowers, I found myself going into a profoundly deep meditative experience. Far more than with any other master teacher that I had ever experienced. His message was simple, just meditate. The process was called mouna upadesa or silent instruction. No disciplines, no particular way to sit, no mudras, mantras, or dogma. Nothing but an initiatory opening of the third eye. I had used what I had called the induction technique when teaching meditation and other psychic arts and knew it to be very effective. But I had not realized that this way of teaching had been recognized and utilized for ages. Now whenever I am teaching meditation, I call upon the spirit of Shivabalayogi to assist me in inducing a meditative state. Many claim to feel his presence or at least report the hightened relaxation and increased depth in their own meditative processes. I like the simplicity of this approach and it seems to cut through to the very essence of meditation. The more I teach, the more ways of demonstrating things without recourse to cognitive symbols is valued.

When I was trying to figure out how to teach persons how to channel, I fell back on one of my basic principles of consciousness. To wit: once you have experienced an altered state of consciousness then it is easier to return to that state of consciousness at will. Yet the induction phenomenon did not work too well here. Although some people could tune into what I demonstrated. The fear and anxiety surrounding channeling made it more difficult to experience. About 12 years ago, I was sitting in a park with a friend and I was suddenly interupted by an unknown presence and asked to channel for that entity. After making sure that the intent of the entity was benevolent, the entity began to have a long dialogue with the woman essentially encouraging her to claim her own power. The entity identified herself as Quan Yin. At that time aside from consciously knowing that she was the Chinese goddess of Mercy and Compassion, I knew nothing about her. I later came to learn that she is the Chinese projection of a Bodhisattva, a Sanskrit term meaning "one who is destined for, or whose essence is, enlightenment." The term originally referred to the historical Buddha , Siddhartha Gautama, during his previous births and the part of his career before his Great Enlightenment. In Mahayana Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is an individuated being who has passed through ten stages to spiritual perfection, but out of compassion chooses to delay the final reward, nirvana, to work for the salvation of all other sentient beings, especially by transferring merit to them.

Bodhisattvas are usually conceived as personifications of particular virtues of the Buddha. Thus, Manjusri, with his book and sword of knowledge, represents the Buddha's wisdom, and Samantabhadra his happiness. Quan Yin or Qwannon is Japan, is one of the multiple feminine projections of Avalokitesvara, the Lord Who Looks Down, personifying compassion. These bodhisattvas, regarded as celestial saviors, became popular objects of devotion throughout East Asia. Maitreya, the bodhisattva of loving kindness, is recognized by Theravada Buddhists as the future Buddha.

The individuation of Quan Yin became very important to me as the years went on, being a frequent visitor and guide. I eventually asked her cooperation in teaching channeling and now the channeling experience is taught by having each person in the group channel Quan Yin. Quan Yin has a very distinctive loving, nurturing feminine energy that is easily recognized and remembered. I induce the chanelling by first chanelling Quan Yin and then passing her on to each member of the class. It is very rare that anyone does not have some experience and many channel her quite effectively.

The initiating induction in CRST (Causal Release System Training) is driven physiologically by the rhythmic tapping in the area of the thymus, yet I have come to believe that it is the altered state of mind of the facilitator that is assisting which creates the necessary and sufficient cause of the rapid alteration of consciousness. Another example of the induction phenomenon.

As the Transcendental Meditation people have claimed to demonstrate, induction phenomenon are not limited to individuals and they have many studies which purport to show how groups of people meditating in a ratio of 1 meditator to 100 persons in the population, can create changes in the statistics of crime, accidents and other negative social phenomenon.

One of the most powerful inductive phenomenon is Love. Love is experienced on an emotional level and when experienced it can be transmitted to others. It is of course a very powerful influence and you can resolve many conflicts simply by remembering to sub-vocally say "I Love You" prior to engaging anyone with which you are having conflict. Unfortunately love cannot be transmitted if you are fearful. No matter how much you intend, the fearful projection will probably be more easily induced in the subject.

Induction is, of course, a phenomenon of intent. Where and how we focus our consciousness is the key to any induction. If we intend people to learn and teach them with loving consciousness, they will learn, after they overcome their fearfulness. There are situations when induction does not always have the intended results. Men, especially, confuse love as a sexual overture. Women who have overcome much of their fearfulness and project loving, nurturing personas are constantly baffled and amazed as to the misunderstandings that such projections generate. Certain sociopathic like personalities consider love to be weakness and prey on those who express love.

Induction is inherent to the basic stuff, i.e.chi, ki, mana, morphogenic fields, or universal energy. Just as you can induce a current with a magnetic field you can induce similar patterns in the consciousness of others, yet we know that the analogies are superficial at best. We aren't going to find an ultimate answer until we are able to understand the fundamental nature of consciousness. So for now, we can only describe the phenomenon and learn how to direct and manipulate those phenomenon. Don't feel too confused. We are still doing precisely the same thing with electricity.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA


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