Igniting Intuition: Unearthing the Body’s Genuis

At the Body & Soul Expo in New York City in April 2002, medical doctors Christiane Northrup and Mona Lisa Schulz appeared together on stage for the first time. It was a historic moment. Dr. Schulz confessed that when she first met Northrup, she didn't like her because of her hairdo. Since this photo has been taken, Northrup has gotten the hint and changed her coiff. All kidding aside, the two doctors have an inseperable soul-sister quality about them. One finishes the other's sentence midstream, as if they are psychically connected.

Most of you already know Dr. Northrup as a pioneer in the field of women's health. A holistic gynecologist by trade, Northrup has written the best-seller Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and appeared on PBS and Oprah. Dr. Schulz is a neuropsychiatrist and medical intuitive who has lived with debilitating diseases including multiple sclerosis and narcolepsy most of her life. Her book, Awakening Intuition, hit the best-seller charts in 2001. The two doctors met when Schulz was still a medical student and was testing her newfound skills as a medical intuitive. Without knowing anything about Northrup's patients, Schulz' intuitive readings matched the medical records with amazing accuracy. Their meeting has a divine purpose. Their goal is now educating people on how disease is rooted in emotional health, and that by using our body's natural intuitive powers, we can diagnose and prevent illness.

"Often, illness makes us stop and review what we are doing, setting new priorities on what really matters in life. It should not be seen as a failure on the part of our bodies," says Dr. Northrup. "I would say you are responsible to your illness, not responsible for it. "

The two doctors found, among other things, that people suffering with immune, spinal, joint, bone or blood diseases, had emotional blockages in their root chakra, which is responsible for a sense of survival, safety and security in the world. Delving deeper into their patient's past emotional history, it was discovered that these patients were either sexually or emotionally abused as young children and lived in foster or alcoholic homes. Although environmental and genetic factors have a large part to play in disease manifestation, what is often overlooked is the psycho-social-spiritual, mental and emotional foundations beneath illness. Women suffering from breast cancer often have blockages in their fourth chakra, the area of their heart. Looking at their emotional patterns, Northrup and Schulz found that these women were "emotional overachievers," often giving out more love than they received. Patients who suffer from diseases within the reproductive or urinary tract, have emotional issues pertaining to creativity. Unable to live the life one is meant to live, or surpressing creative expression in any form, including not being able to have a family or not being finacially rewarded for the fruits of one's labors, is linked to bowel, ovarian, testicular and urinary cancer. These target organs are housed in the second chakra of the body, the center of the body's creativity.

When a woman with ovarian cancer comes to Northrup's clinic in Maine, the good doctor doesn't tell the patient that the reason why she has ovarian cancer is because she has a problem with creative expression. Rather, she uses relaxation exercises, and visualization before sending the patient into surgery. Then, she talks to her about improving the quality of every relationship in her life. Northrup also believes in assessing the patient's beliefs in mind/body medicine. Northrup says that as a society, we have been so driven to focus on the intellectual parts of ourselves that we do not trust our bodies healing, intuitive abilities, so we often miss what our bodies are trying to tell us.

"All of us have intuition. Some are clairvoyant, some are clairaudient, others are clairsentient. I help people find out how intuition is wired in them," says Schulz.

These ideas are presented in an audiotape series from Hay House entitled Igniting Intuition: Unearthing Body Genius. Six audiotapes outline the different chakra systems of the body and how each are linked to specific illness. Special emphasis is paid to the psycho-social-spiritual, mental and emotional factors leading to illness in these areas of the body.


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