How to Cure Pain by Addressing the Underlying Emotional Issues (Part II)

Continued from Part I

I want to give you now a few case histories from my clinic in order to explain a little more in detail what I am doing.

Psychosomatic Energetics Case Study #1:

Debie M., a therapist of thirty, came to one of our seminars concerning "Psychosomatic Energetics" in the US. She was a mother of three girls and was working in her private clinic doing Reiki and energetic healing. She didn't appear stressed out from overworking herself. From the first impression she seemed to be in good condition and very dynamic. Inspite of her long journey to come and see us she followed the seminar with great intensity.

When we picked her as a volunteer for an energetic testing she agreed, but said that she was fine and totally healthy. When we checked her with the Reba machine, we found very low subtle energy levels for her emotional well-being--much to our surprise. When we asked her about it she said that she felt down and depressed quite frequently without knowing any cause for it.

Checking the "energy-robbers" we found a block in the throat region (5th chakra) plus the emotional remedy Nr. 18 (conflict "victim"). When we asked her if she could make something out of that information, she told us that she always felt like a victim of her many duties and that she hardly ever rested at all. This wouldn't show on her outside, but inside she often felt horrible. But the worst of all were the pains in her jaw joints that had been torturing her for years now. She had got so used to that pain that she hardly mentioned it at all. She suffered pain when chewing anything, yawning was impossible and when she tried to open her mouth, she would feel pain. Her dentist had tried just about everything to help her, but nothing really worked. She even had pain now, during the seminar.

We told Debie to put the vials of Chavita 5 (for the throat segment) and Emvita 18 (for the conflict) into her pocket. Now, was the pain still there?

Much to her--and our--surprise, she told us that for the first time in years she was free from pain, and that she could open her mouth as wide as she wanted without a block.

She was so happy with this discovery, that she wanted to keep the vials for the rest of the day. After lunch, she took off her jacket, and within minutes the pain returned. After she took the vials into her subtle energy-field again, the pain disappeared again. Late in the afternoon the "painkiller" effect gradually wore out. This is the reason why I advise every patient to take the drops orally for several weeks--as a real medication, instead of just carrying the vials around with them. The therapy works much better if people take the drops, not just the vibration!

Therefore they have to take the medication in order to dissolve the conflict thoroughly and to get lasting results. The Sekundenphänomen by putting the proper vials into the energy field is more or less a proof for the therapist that he has done a good testing and it demonstrates the patient what he can expect once he starts taking the medication--a glimpse of healing, so to say.

For dissolving the conflicts it's insufficient to just carry the vials or put the vibrational information onto any other carrier. The tested remedies have to be taken and swallowed in order to really get rid of the conflict.

Psychosomatic Energetics Case Study #2:

Anette H. has been suffering from back pain for several years. Her orthopedian has diagnosed her with a blockage of her ileosacral joint and an infection of her ischiadic nerve, together with a weak constitution concerning her soft tissues. During her pregnancy with her third child the back pain sometimes got unbearable, but for the child's sake she was brave and didn't take any painkillers. After the baby's birth she developed extreme pain in the shoulders due to carrying her little ones around most of the time.

When I tested her with the Reba- machine her vital energies were very low. She said that she was frequently tired because she wouldn't get enough sleep (breastfeeding her youngest child at night). As an emotional conflict I found Emvita 5 ("nervousness") that belongs to the 2nd chakra. She admitted that she felt very nervous inside. Instantly after putting these test vials into her energy field the back pain and the tense muscles in her shoulders felt better. Her different leg's length was no longer there, too.

Anette took Emvita 5 and Chavita 2 for one month, and then she stopped the medication because she felt so fine. After another two weeks the pain gradually came back, only to disappear at once when she took the drops again. This was a proof for me that she had stopped the medication too early, since her conflict was still not totally "melted."

These two very impressive cases show that the healing process starts as soon as the emotional conflict is energetically neutralized and the connected autonomic segment (chakra) is put back into balance. You only have to put the vials into the subtle energy field of the patient, most frequently on his or her abdomen. When we started with our method, we considered these "instant relief effects" to be some kind of hypnotic trance, or result of the tester's subconscious wishes or even pure imagination, until many other therapists reported just the same effects when they worked with the method and the remedies. Then I was finally convinced that these results are reliable and can be reproduced. If you remove the test vials from the patient once the painkilling effect has started, pain will come back like an echo after some minutes.

You can't cheat yourself or the patient if you pick the wrong vials--as we did frequently during our researches. It's just the right vials that bring about these effects--the others won't work. Even in a double-blind trial you get the same results! You can also check if you tested correctly, when a difference in leg's length suddenly disappears, or if a "frozen shoulder" suddenly can be moved like normal. All these effects happen as soon as the emotional conflict and the autonomic segment are put back into balance with the suiting test vials.

This phenomenon of instant pain relief happens in cases of migraines, neuralgias and other pains within minutes or hours, in rare cases only after days. This is why you should tell your patients to keep their patience. In cases of chronic pain or severe pain the body needs some time before the autonomic nervous system comes back into balance.

I want to mention that there are non-responders, too, like in every other therapy. These persons often suffer from geopathic stress, toxins or a heavy metal load or other foci that block their regulation totally. Fortunately, this only applies for a minority of our patients.

The majority of all patients can benefit from what I call instant relief by addressing the emotional conflict. I consider this method a very gentle, reliable and holistic way to free our patients from pains. We can heal the emotional issues that are the cause for structural problems like joint pains, back pain and skoliosis, and can help the patients to really feel better and happier in their lives.

Some colleagues doubt that it could be that simple to eliminate an emotional conflict only with homeopathic remedies like Emvita. For a real healing, they think, it takes psychotherapists and hours and hours of therapy sessions. It goes without saying that certain neuroses and psychoses need an expert and intensive guidance.

According to my experience--and the experience of many therapists who have been working quite some time with the method of Psychosomatic Energetics, though, it is possible to dissolve most emotional conflicts without any problems. The only side effect we can expect is that the patients go through very lively dreams. If you are a therapist in the field of holistic health and natural healing, you don't have to feel inferior to psychologists or psychotherapists, when it comes to emotional issues in your patients. Don't be afraid of side effects when you work with this method, just give it a try and experience how easy and gentle it can be to deal with psychosomatic problems on an energetic level. The success I had with patients suffering from pain demonstrates very clearly the broad range of possibilities that we have with the method of Psychosomatic Energetics.

© Copyright 2001 by Reimar Banis, MD, ND, Switzerland


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