Give Your Mind A Break

I am a very organized person. However, I’ve never before let you in on the little secret that I have Attention Deficit Disorder (somewhat mild) and that I have trouble staying focused on one thing at a time because my mind is always running in a million different directions. If you’re saying to yourself that this is exactly how you are, let me set you at ease about one thing. We, who have a lot of things to accomplish in a small amount of time, are lucky we can do many things at one time, thereby getting a lot done in a day. People who only focus on one thing at a time really have difficulty understanding us multi-taskers. If you’re one of them, consider it a plus in your personality.

The “minus” of being unfocused is that many times we start something and don’t finish it right then because something else grabs our attention. This accounts for more disorganization than any other lifestyle issue. It can be a family thing or a one person in the family thing. Our children learn from their parents and adult role models. We need to find better ways to cope.

Let’s think for a minute about how to organize your thoughts and therefore your world around you. It isn’t easy for me to be focused all the time but I’ve compiled a list (with the help of one of my very focused friends). The list has given me lots to think about. I hope it will help you, also.

We can organize our minds by using:

  • meditation
  • exercise
  • prayer
  • music
  • a walk in nature
  • a mantra
  • a walk in a labyrinth
  • a bath with music and candles
  • massage
  • a facial
  • dance
  • yoga
  • guided imagery
  • Tai Chi
  • Pilates

Have I given you food for thought? Do any of these things sound like something you could do for yourself – just to slow yourself down enough to organize your thoughts? A few minutes every day (the secret is every day) can do wonders to help you slow your mind to the point where you can prioritize your actions. For a change, let the machine answer the phone. What a difference that could make if you have a half-hour to yourself. Turn off your cell phone. How does that ring with you? (Pun intended.)

My husband and I took a car trip recently. It was my first long distance car trip in many, many years. I made a pretty surprising discovery. Even though we had our cell phone on, we really wouldn’t be reached unless it was an emergency. It was deliciously quiet during that auto trip…with just music playing and a little conversation and a lot of time to be quiet and be able to think. What a rare commodity for me to just “be” in the moment. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I really recommend it to any of you who run at 110 percent most of the time.

Lastly, I’d like to recommend eating a healthy diet. There can be nothing more noble to do for ourselves than to feed our brain. After all, our brain really needs to function until the day we die. Eating good nutritious food will give us an overall sense of well-being. That, coupled with some time to quiet ourselves, to think our own uninterrupted thoughts, will be our best gift.

Bless the empty spaces in your mind. Let the quiet prevail.

About the Author

Nancy Kalef is the retired owner of “Let’s Get Organized!” and formerly went to clients’ homes to organize their closets, cupboards and paperwork.


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