Gifts of Growth: Seeing the Light in Unloving Situations

Luckily, whenever we have emotional pain in our lives, we are so wrapped up in the experience that we are unable to distinguish its immediate source. It is lucky because were we to instantly locate the surface cause we might never continue searching to find its root --- and what a waste of experience that would be. We get caught up in the experience of hurting and finally, if growth is our goal, we are faced with the obvious and root cause. At that time it is relatively easy to clear it, especially compared to finding its true source and undergoing the experience.

I am so very thankful to those who have brought me pain in my lifetime(s). Had I not encountered these truly loving souls who treated me so unlovingly for such loving reasons, would I have been able to grow as much and as successfully as I have? And although it is abhorrent to my ego to think that I have been equally as unloving in my behavior to others, I rejoice in knowing that, ultimately, I was providing a lesson in loving them enough to allow them to respond to me in whatever way necessary for growth to continue.

This is not to say that we should go around treating each other horribly on purpose and rationalize it by saying that we're doing it for everybody's own good --- there have been plenty of asocial individuals who have existed in the world who have taught us not to do that. But we should not misunderstand nor regret our seemingly negative, painful experiences with others by believing in our own victimization and persecution. Neither should we believe in our own perpetration and guilt when our intent has been truly innocent or well-meaning.

Although I am grateful for all of my painful experiences and to those who have been a part of them, I am ready now to allow myself to grow in joyful ways rather than painful ones. I welcome experiences full of happiness and joy and love into my life, and I leave behind the need for those experiences which restrict these wonderful emotions. I no longer believe that it is necessary to have pain in my life to grow, and I truly believe that I will continue to grow, perhaps even better, faster and stronger, with positive and obviously loving experiences. In this way, I hope also to provide others with whom I interact the opportunity to learn in similar fashion, and if we are all successful, who knows how much Light we will bring into our planet? Maybe this will start a new trend of Lovingness for us all.

Peace, Love and Light!

Written by Kathryn Guinn


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