Feng Shui – Can It Really Be That Simple?

With the myriad of books and articles available these days, sometimes it seems there are still a lot of questions about Feng Shui. Many people ask me "what is it?", "how do you pronounce it?", "who is this Feng Shui fellow anyway?" as if a person with the last name of Shui is out designing homes and offices! If something more than 3,000 years old can't be understood or explained easily, why can't some of these publications bring more clarity instead of more confusion. It seems by now, we should have it all figured out?

And if you have been to the book store lately or tuned into the home improvement channels, you might think it's a piece of cake. Move some furniture, add a few crystals, place a three-toed frog in an auspicious location; and voila, your life is forever fixed! But, if you have done any of those things with less than excellent results, you are left wondering if it is just another fad meant to benefit retailers as we buy more "stuff" and then forever reorganize it with little or no impact in our lives.

Yes, there are a thousand and one cures for increasing wealth or finding an incredible mate; yet sometimes they seem to contradict each other between the differing, and still wonderful, schools of Feng Shui thought. But that flexibility and range of options is one of the things I truly love about Feng Shui. And I love that it can work for so many people in wonderfully delicious and different ways!

Considering the tangible world and drawing on the mysticism, I believe incredible Feng Shui can begin with a few simple and easy to understand rules of application. And my first and most important rule is to LIVE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE! How could it be any more simple? And yet, how many of us live with items that reflect the negative times or events in our lives? How many of us live with art that doesn't inspire us or provide positive reinforcement for where we want to be in the now and future? How many of us don't get rid of anything because "well, I have always had it?" In Feng Shui, we look for ways to invite the omnipresent and nurturing energy, called ch'i (pronounced chee), into our lives. And if personal items surround you that don't inspire you or don't allow you to breathe deeper and feel that energetic strength, then reconsider keeping them.

Living with what you love means picking what you love today, what inspires you. Pick your favorite things, and make them PERSONAL! Personal ranges from a great work of art to a special drawing by a child, from a beautiful momento from a friend to even a plain rock reminding you of a fabulous vacation. Regardless of your interests, style, desires, dreams.….creating positive and powerful Feng Shui means looking at your space critically and saying "yes, I feel good!" and if not, making it happen.

A second and also important rule is to put safety and comfort first! Giving yourself the blessing of safety is a gift to you, your body, and your life. Are you surrounded by sharp corners, pointed objects, crowded entryways, or heavy objects overhead? These are a small sample of the ways we endanger ourselves unknowingly and physiologically. Clear trip hazards inside and outside on all pathways, and provide excellent lighting for safe passage. Consider the "power position", giving yourself a view of the door, when placing furniture. This is a crucial opportunity to providing a safe environmental response.

Creating great Feng Shui also means getting rid of things that reflect something back to you that isn't the great present and future you desire! Getting the Feng Shui juices flowing means getting organized! Clutter in our spaces is considered a major blockage for positive energy flow representing difficulties or challenges in generating new opportunities, relationships, health and wealth. All spaces count. Neglecting a garage or closet can create major stumbling blocks or blocked opportunities down the road; so don't do it.

And if you don't like to get rid of things and get organized, do it anyway! Even letting go of just five things can help lighten and brighten your room, your mood and your life and get the flow going. The more I let go of stuff that I am no longer in love with (often times to someone who can love it and use it), the more I attract to myself things that I do love! Remember rule number one: Live with what you love! I am not implying that it is easy or that it won't take time or work. But it is liberating and energizing. Organizing and sorting can do wonders for keeping your life energized, active, and positive.

THINK….Are there rooms that you feel less than comfortable in? Are there rooms that you never really live in or are there just for "show"? Do you have a favorite space? Check it out and learn what about it you love…it might point you in the direction of what you could do in another space.

And as long as you….Live with what you love! Appreciate your space, relish in it, enjoy it, be inspired by it! Give yourself the gift of safe and comfortable surroundings! Get rid of clutter and get organized!….you will be doing excellent Feng Shui to harness the wonderful, bountiful, and glorious energy you deserve!

By Debra Dermyer Lamb


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