Warming Winter Soups for Boosting the Immune System

In the winter it is important to eat more warming foods like hearty soups with lots of root vegetables. Both soups below contain ingredients which boost the immune system to help fight off colds and flu’s which are common this time of year. The first soup contains chicken; for a vegetarian option see the second […]

Elderberry: Nature’s Blessing

It’s been a wonderful Indian Summer here in Southern Oregon. We’ve been having mostly blue skies with often a gentle breeze, a cool nip at night, and once again, a familiar low cast coming from our sun, reminding us it is time to start slowing down, and to finish collecting the fruits of our labors, […]

Cordyceps: A Medicinal Mushroom with Countless Uses

Before moving to Oregon almost three years ago, my friend and I participated in a mycological foray at the Washington Crossing State Park in Western Jersey. After an hour and little to show for our foraging efforts, we were about to lose hope when we finally came across three super-sized Grifola. I couldn’t carry the […]

Lifelong Energy Transformation The Key Component to Health and Vitality

Since creation, human beings and plants have had a harmonious, interdependent relationship that requires the by-products or waste of energy metabolism from the other to generate energy. This exchange is ongoing and dynamic. An example of this is how animals use the oxygen created by plants, and plants use the carbon dioxide expelled by animals […]

Rosehip Tea from Bush to Belly

As autumn gently brings cooler temperatures and shorter days, it also provides us with several medicines that will prove quite useful during the winter ahead. The berries of the Rosa species rosebush, a.k.a. rosehips, are a potent emotional and physical medicine. As part of my namesake, the Rose is a very well loved plant. Along […]

Adaptogens: New Conceptions and Uses, Personal Insights and Recent Advances

The Impact of Stress on Health Though the current model of conventional medicine would have us think otherwise, humans, like plants, and all living beings, differ from machines and are not meant to merely function. We are living in a mechanistic world, that turns us more into functioning machines, rather than the spirited beings that […]

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