Ayurveda: The Healing System of The New Millennium

In spite of the claim to being scientific, the antidotal approach of allopathy has given rise to more problems than it has been able to solve. This has turned the thoughts of most right thinking people all over the world to alternative systems of medicine. One hears the word ‘holistic’ in this context: the search is on for a system which would take an overall view of the morbidity that afflicts a patient , which would cure the patient rather than suppress the symptom that troubles him.

Unbiased scholars have come to believe that morbid states are caused not by germs alone but more because of the environment and the person’s lifestyle. Those who do not wear the blinkers of any particular system of therapeutics have come to realize that the healing practice of yore which they call ‘unscientific’ have much merit. Latest scientific opinion promises to add many years to the life span if one take regular exercise, does not eat between meals, nor smokes nor drinks excessively, and has an eight-hour restful sleep. This approach is very much similar to the teachings in the basic theories of Ayurveda. However in so far as the rules of personal conduct for longevity are concerned, Ayurveda has a definite edge in that it is more sophisticated.

There are positive signs that the time is right for Ayurveda in the West. Progressively, people have come to realize the relationship between the mind and body and complimentary therapies are in demand as never before. There is also a new awareness of oneness of creation reflected in the growth of a strong green movement, a trend to vegetarianism and on emphasis of eating healthier organically grown whole foods.

Ayurveda is the latest 'craze' to arrive in the West after Yoga and Transcendental Meditation [TM] and not to mention the self-grown techniques like Aromatherapy. To preserve Ayurveda in its true form , it is necessary to prevent the dilution and distortion that have happened in the case of Yoga and meditation.

Written by Dr. Chandra


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