A Specific Case of Lou Gehrig’s Disease from a Different Paradigm (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

John didn't die. He wasn't the vegetable they said he'd be as the result of being clinically dead for forty minutes as the dedicated surgical team performed CPR. He had some short term memory loss and a little disorientation for a while, but to this day his mind is sharp and his wit is quick.

John went home with sixteen hour a day nursing care. At first the nurses watched suspiciously as I worked with John. I gave them copies of my book which explains some of my work using empirical evidence. I explained things in terms of therapeutic touch which I'd learned from nurses and believed all nurses must know.

I'd practiced energetic body work for several years. I wasn't convinced it had a whole lot more value than the therapeutic value of human intimacy despite the results of a thirty year study at the Menniger Institute proving that energy does indeed flow from the hands of energetic healing practitioners.

The observations I'd made with John guided by his body energy usually corresponded to clinical observations made by the nurses and to John's experience. People I practiced on liked it and said it helped to accelerate healing. I never knew if that was objectively true until I went to see John one day and found him in respiratory distress which I determined was a collapsed lung. This was a major crisis since we all believed that another hospital stay would kill John. I asked the nurse to let me try something before she called his doctor. I began to focus energy through my hands into his lung. I let the energy pulse with the rhythm of the ventilator. In a couple minutes his lung began to fill with air. In a few more minutes it was balanced in capacity with his other lung. My confidence in these techniques that I couldn't see or measure grew as well the confidence of the nursing staff in me.

I'd promised John that I'd be with him in the end to help make the transformation to death as easy as possible, if I could be. One of many life and death crises came from a blocked bladder. Being unable to urinate on his own, he was sickened by the toxins he was unable to eliminate. Weakened by the stress of the growing pressure in his bladder and kidneys, John went into congestive heart failure. His family and friends were called in to say good-bye as we waited for him to die. His pulse grew steadily weaker and slower. He seemed to be out of his body. Using the biofeedback device he indicated that he was ready to drop his body. He was at peace and ready to go on his journey into the unknowable. After a few days he made a remarkable recovery and the crisis past.

John remained stable for a couple weeks. I was shown a rattle that he acquired in South America. It was carved from wood in the form of a bird ending in a sharp beak. The bird's belly was engraved with the image of a scowling man. When I held the rattle I could feel the energy of the person who had made it. It was a powerful, stern energy. I had considered using the rattle for clearing John's emotional body until I held it and realized that using it would evoke the presence of its maker.

As I worked with John, the rattle repeatedly called out to be used. I explained to John that the rattle wanted to be used and the danger of doing so. He indicated he wanted me to use the rattle and I agreed to make a single pass over his body with it. The rattle seemed to direct its own use. Some places were impacted with a louder sound or quicker rhythm. As I passed over his body a brittle blackness that appeared to be condensed within the energy surrounding his body shattered into small pieces like shards of broken glass. I called on the angel Gabriel to clear away the toxic pieces.

A couple hours later John's nurse called saying he was frightened and it had something to do with the rattle. I told her I'd have to meditate on it and call her back. After a few minutes of drumming I called the rattle maker to me. The intensity and harshness of his presence told me he was a being of the north. His way was a no nonsense, hard reality approach to life. He informed me that he wanted to take John on a 'Shaman's Journey'. My understanding of this term is that it is a journey into spiritual realms that involves being decapitated and reassembled. This is the alchemist symbolic remaking of the person. I searched in John's ancestry for someone to help guide him, but found no one willing to take on this task. I asked my own spirit guides and Native American ancestors to help him.

I called to relay this information to John. I told him it was an honor to be invited on such a journey, but it could be terrifying. I told him there were dangers and that he would be brought to a place where he must face his fears. I informed him that it could be stopped. He chose to go through with it. This choice was confirmed three times by movement of the needle on the EMG.

For a few days he seemed to drift in and out of consciousness. Sometimes he was present in his body and others he seemed to be gone. He confirmed that this was his experience. His chakras went through uncharacteristic changes. The direction sometimes cycled back and forth. One chakra might open wide for a moment only to lack activity a moment later. He affirmed that he had been on a spiritual journey and that he had been decapitated and put back together. The night nurse reported seeing shadows moving around John's bed the first night of the journey. When the journey was over John signaled that he was no longer afraid or angry. He indicated that he had been in a spiritual realm and had not wanted to return. He felt living in his condition was too hard. He was told that he must go back to his body.

For a few days, John grew stronger. His health improved in all ways. Suddenly he plunged into a near death state. His chakras all shut down. The energy flow through his meridians was suddenly free and unhindered as if all resistance to it had been removed. It flowed without the resistance of a human spirit drawing from its current to operate the body. John skin grew pale, waxy and cold. There was no tension in the muscles. The glimmer of consciousness was rarely in his eyes. For two days it appeared that John was dying.

John made another dramatic comeback. His presence returned to his body to a degree absent for many months. His eyes grew clear and sharp. His energy level increased and he was able to communicate words instead of just a few 'yes' responses. His organ function reverted to a healthier state. He was able to move his tongue again. The effects of months of deterioration disappeared leaving him with the belief that he was able to recover enough to regain his speech.

It's hard to say for sure what effect the energetic and spiritual aspects of John's treatment have been. He has felt these aspects of his health care regimen to be the most helpful through out the progression of this life challenge. That may be due to the therapeutics of human touch and intimacy. But there seems to be much more to it at times.

John's communication is limited to being able to cause slight movement of a needle on a biofeedback machine as well as the messages conveyed through his eyes. He was able to carry on extended conversations signaling letters one at a time from a letter board. As control of his body deteriorates his endurance and ability to control his neck muscle have faded limiting his responses to a few 'yeses' before he becomes unable to send sufficient impulses through his neck muscle to cause needle movement.

During the course of my work with John I've entered these non-ordinary realms to assist his healing process several times. We experienced meeting in dreams on two pre-arranged occasions where I worked with the very different body he presented in that state. We have been able to connect in a way that sometimes allows him to express his emotions through me or to call me telepathically when he needs me. His experience of these realms appears to match mine in many cases. It's hard to know what John experiences these days. The only clues are a few small movements of a needle, the expressiveness of his eyes that remains despite their lazy movement and intuitive connections.

When first diagnosed, John feared becoming a 'brain in a box'. Being able to communicate and finding new realms of experience has given him a rich life in many ways. Use of his body has been taken away, but his mind has made many journeys into places he may never be able to tell us about. John's life challenge has brought many of us associated with him learning and growth on a level that would have been impossible without him to guide us. He has taken us on journeys into new realms and brought us all to new awareness and a different paradigm.

Written by Carl Brahe, MA and Victoria hall, RN


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