A Specific Case of Lou Gehrig’s Disease from a Different Paradigm (Part 1)

For some years I've been brought to awareness of a reality different from what we perceive as every day reality. Through a combination of teachers, experiences in my healing practice and dreams, I'm becoming aware of a model of mental and physical health that is very different from the western medical model. While the concepts are dissimilar, practical and effective healing often results. Healing techniques used in this different reality seem to come to most practitioners through an intuitive process. In my own practice I am sometimes guided to do things that make me feel silly or even doubt my sanity. Even the experience of this realm often gives me reason to wonder if I've lost grip of "reality".

My experience of this other reality is seldom as vivid as my experience of what we think of as every day reality. The degree that I experience this other reality is limited by my fear of being present in that reality. Few people ever conquer the fear of being present in our ordinary reality. Our awareness fades in and out, sometimes sharply focused and other times completely dissociated. Our fear of being present in another reality is many times greater than our fear of being present in this reality. Total presence in any reality is a feat rarely achieved.

We experience our every day reality in many varying shades. The world is very different for a person who is happy than when sad. Reality isn't the same for a person in love as for an angry person. Our reality changes when we're with different groups of people. We experience the world differently when we're with family than we do in business situations. Each subtle shift in our awareness causes a shift in our perceived reality. Our reality is determined by our perception of it. Simply, our reality is our perception of the world.

The more I experience this other reality the less evidence I find to support the belief that it's less valid than ordinary reality. I also find less evidence to support the belief that ordinary reality has any more validity than any other possible reality. The most valid reality seems to be simply the reality you're most present in at the moment.

Two years ago as I walked down a narrow hall following a friend, I noticed a black mass that appeared to be attached to his spine in the center of his back. It looked like a dense cloud of thick, black smoke that hung onto his spine just below his shoulder blades. I suggested he see a chiropractor. John revealed that he had been to a chiropractor and an MD. He was worried. He couldn't define what was happening, but he felt uncomfortable and his energy level was low. Neither type of physician had been able to give him any answers, only confirmation that something potentially major was happening to him.

Over the following weeks John's feet began to go numb. They became highly sensitive and refused to do what he commanded. After about a month he began to stumble when he walked. In another month he went from needing a walker to being wheelchair bound. He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). He traveled to the Mayo Clinic and another clinic in San Francisco that specialized in ALS. Both suggested that ALS was a misdiagnosis, but could offer no other. Upon returning home he began every available medical treatment for ALS. The loss of body control continued at a rapid pace until a few months after his first symptoms he was put on a respirator. He had lost control of his diaphramic muscles leaving him unable to draw breath on his own. Later, a reaction to anesthetic drugs left him without pulse for over forty minutes during the procedure to install a tube in his throat so a ventilator could take over the process of breathing for him. Over the following year he lost the ability to move, to speak or even to blink his eyes. Limited communication is now accomplished with a biofeedback machine attached to his neck.

Besides traditional medical care John sought other treatment as well. My role in his health care team began as psychotherapist helping him and his wife cope with the onset of the disease. The effect of emotions on the immune system are well documented. My model of the immune system includes all factors that affect emotional process. This is my area of expertise which determined the role I took in John's health care. As the tenderness and loss of control moved up John's body, my role evolved to include massage and later energetic body work. A particular instance that brought John close to imminent death took him and several of his health care team, myself included, into realms outside of ordinary reality.

When I first noticed the black cloud lingering around John's spine that day in his office hallway it seemed to have an awareness of its own. I'd heard stories of the Huna curses in Hawaii where a person begins to go numb at their toes. The numbness progresses up the body until it hits the heart and the person dies. Despite warnings about this type of malady resulting from taking sacred items, tourists pick things up and take them home. The requests from people all over the world to have items returned in order to reverse the curse became so frequent as tourism grew in Hawaii that special departments were created to handle demand.

John had just returned from buying mining equipment in the jungles of South America. He is an avid art collector and brought many old treasures home with him. I suggested that he may have disturbed something in South America that was causing his problem. Using hypnotic techniques John was able to find and confront a being who was the cause of this black mass and the deterioration of his body. He was able to find a name for the being. At this point he was still able to walk.

John was unable to work out a solution with the being, so when I got home I began to drum to bring the being to me. Drumming has been used throughout time as a way of focusing intent and awareness. Combined with dancing and/or chanting it is an effective method for inducing and maintaining an altered state. A hypnotherapist would say that this is inducing hypnotic trance. My experience of the being was that he intended to kill John. I asked if there was a way he would spare him. He replied, "If he can stay in his own fear and not run away until it passes and he has no more fear, I will not kill him." John's predictable reaction was to become more fearful. He was facing the unknown and it intended to kill him.

I referred John to a medicine woman. Without consultation with me she told John that he was being killed by some sort of shaman. She also believed that a back injury, several months before, resulting from being knocked down by a rolling bread rack in a grocery store had something to do with it. This physical injury was apparently necessary to create an opening through which the being could attack. John later visited a Philippino psychic surgeon who told him he was being killed by some sort of shaman or spirit of nature. A year later a psychic intuited that he was being killed by a Voodoo curse.

John was hospitalized within days of his altered state encounter with the being as the result of his failing ability to breathe on his own. He was transferred to a neighboring hospital for the surgical procedure to cut a hole in his throat to allow a tube to be placed so a ventilator could be attached to force air into his lungs. As they began the preparation for the procedure he went into cardiac arrest in reaction to a drug he'd been given.

During the more than forty minutes that the surgical team worked on him, John's wife reported seeing a black mass leave his body. She had been very skeptical about the alternative treatments John sought. She thought it was mainly nonsense and was furious with me for telling him about the possibility of some unnatural force being involved in his current life challenge, until she saw this thing leave John's body. I don't know what this thing was or what it meant, but it brought her a change in beliefs.

A long hospitalization followed. John's will to live began to fade. He was stressed by the sterile, restricted and supervised environment. I had been doing therapeutic touch work with John. When I first visited him at the hospital I was confronted by his doctor who wanted to know why I should be allowed to see him in critical care. There were always many people around John and he was trying to limit the number of people crowding into the small hospital room. I explained that therapeutic touch was accepted in many hospitals. I explained that if nothing else the calming effect would help healing. He sneered, "You're not going to cure him with a touch."

Rather than discuss the differences between healing and curing I found myself saying, "I'm the closest thing he has to a spiritual advisor."

He replied, "Spiritual advisor, huh? Go right in. He needs you. He's going to die."

Continued in Part 2

Written by Carl Brahe, MA and Victoria hall, RN


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