Jananda: A Healing Lecture (Part Three)

Continued from Part Two

My first meeting, I think, with the angelic beings who come to assist in healing was feeling a presence. I didn't know what was going on. I experienced a wonderful, blue, green and pink energy. I was never able to see any person. Since these beings are without physical form, I saw a pyramid-like form. As I was doing the healing, I felt that this energy somehow enfolded both me and the client. Either the client was sitting on a chair or lying on the table. This energy enfolded us with what felt like angels wings. When I think about this, I understand that this was the auric field that the angels project around us.

Sometimes, hands come out of this angelic auric field. Gradually I understood that there were a lot of healing angels in the room when I did a healing. Lately these angels have been so wonderful when they come. There is a tiny light in the center of this energy. It is a light you cannot really describe with words, because it is an otherworldly light. It is so powerful. It is golden, white, pink, all the colors you can imagine. I feel all this smiling, this joy. Sometimes there can be a huge eye staring at you. It may say to you, "We need your assistance to heal this blessed brother/sister."

Once, in a healing session, I answered, "Yes, what can I do?"

The mighty healing angel said, "Please, leave the room."

"What?" I thought I was doing the healing, you know.

Then the angel said in an incredibly soft, loving voice that sings in your body and makes your whole body start vibrating, "Yes, we want you to leave the room, but leave behind your etheric form. We need your etheric form to accomplish the healing you have started." This was said completely without any prejudice or judgement. "We need that energy from your etheric body because it is not influenced by your mental or your emotional body. It is the pure energy that we need this time."

So I staggered out of the room. I was really dizzy now because I lost part of my etheric form. I didn't observe myself in that situation, but I felt it. I totally lacked in energy and I was really dizzy. The mighty healing angel used my etheric energy to accomplish what I started. I could feel the angels moving their hands over the body. Praise the Lord that it was possible to heal this beloved one by using my etheric body! I felt so grateful that we could assist.

I want you to realize that when you heal, it is not only you who does the healing. It is only a part of you who is doing the healing. It is the mighty I AM Presence who is doing the healing. We cannot do this alone by ourselves. It is the Father/Mother God within which does the work. Now, this is wonderful!

Let me tell you an experience I had years ago when I was newly into this. A mother called me. She was desperate. She had a little daughter, about 8 months old, with very powerful brain seizures. Doctors had to give a lot of medicine to this little child just to keep her alive. The mother pleaded, "Can you do something?"

I said, "I don't know if I can, but I will try."

So the mother brought the little girl to me. I told her to place the baby on the table." Immediately I felt the presence of a powerful energy. That was my first experience with the healing angels. I felt the Master's presence. I passed my hands over the baby. Suddenly, her entire body convulsed back in an arch from head to toes. Then she collapsed back down again. I thought the child was dead. I felt the hair rising on my head. Then I realized that the child was not dead. She was healed!

I said to the mother, "Take your child to the hospital and let the doctors examine her. The child is healed." It was not me who said this. It was someone else who said it through me. She called for an appointment and took the baby to the hospital two days later. The doctors found that the child's brain was perfect. The mother called to let me know. Now, here comes the big one! Here comes the master teaching of the law of cause and effect.

The lady called me. She said, "My daughter is healed. There is nothing wrong with her brain. The EEG showed normal brain functions. They have taken her off the medicine. The doctors said that they must have misdiagnosed her."

I said, "Great! Wonderful! Congratulations!" I hung up the phone. I turned around and said to my wife, "Do you know what I did? I healed a child of a brain tumor!" Just as I was bragging to my wife, my older daughter came running in. She said, "Dad, can you help me? There is something loose on my moped." I took a screwdriver and went out to the garage. As I bent over the moped my back went out. A terrible stabbing pain shot through my body. I had already had an operation on my back. This was an all too familiar feeling. I couldn't straighten up. I couldn't move.

"Call the doctor, Call the doctor!" I screamed. For about 20 to 25 minutes I was bent over with all this pain until the doctor arrived to give me a shot and get me into bed. All this time I didn't realize what it was that I was saying or what I was doing wrong by claiming that I was doing the healing. It was not until I was in bed with another shot of morphine that I was brought up and finally understood what I was saying. I have never claimed since that I am doing the work. I'm not the one. I'm just the instrument for Spirit to do the healing.

So take this little experience into consideration when you feel that you are healing someone. They are doing the work, all these wonderful beings. As we are healing other people, we are healing ourselves. It can be painful still. We can have many years of problems, but we are also healing ourselves by healing other people. By assisting other people, by bringing to consciousness our common problems, we are healing ourselves.

You have never, never made any mistakes. Neither are you being punished. The only thing you have not realized is a very, very simple law, the law of cause and effect. As you are growing or evolving in your spiritual growth, you are going to become more and more aware of the law of cause and effect. In the beginning it can be difficult to understand that every problem we have is triggered by the law of cause and effect.

Yesterday, I was asked by someone, "Why do children have to suffer?" I asked Dwajhl Kuhl about this. He pointed out the law of cause and effect. That was the only explanation I received from the masters. No one is suffering without reason. For instance, there can be thousands of reasons for a disease that a child has. The teachings can be, first of all, that the child volunteers to come into this incarnation with a certain disease to teach the doctors, to teach the parents, or the healer, etc. The law of cause and effect is always, totally, 100 percent just. There is no injustice, not at all, never. Don't think that God created something wrong by creating the law of cause and effect. God is perfect. There are many ways of healing, and there are many ways of understanding the law of cause and effect. There are many viewpoints. One way to understand the law of cause and effect is to develop a disease. One way or another, such direct experience is our greatest teacher of the law of cause and effect.

We are not innocent. In one lifetime, we might serve as a soldier, for instance. You can go out and kill people. As you go through this process of killing, you may say, when you finish your life, "Oh, I'll never, never do that again." As you come up before the Karmic Board, you are shown the thousands of people you have killed. The Karmic Board shows you what you have done. How can you solve this? How can you pay these people back for taking their life and shortening their opportunities for spiritual growth? None of this information is given with judgement. It is given with a total understanding of the human condition. And you think, "Oh, man, how am I going to balance this?"

The Karmic Board will show you a variety of options. You say, "Great, I killed 7,000 people in that lifetime, so why don't I go down in a physical form and heal about 25,000 people. That should do it." The Karmic Board agrees, "Yes, great!"

You look at the Karmic Board when you are standing there about to take on your shoulders this big assignment to go down and heal 25,000 people. How are you going to do this? I AM That I AM. I will go down and have no problems doing this. You say to the Karmic Board, "Do you have something else I can do? Do I have some other past lives I need to look at?"

"Oh, yes, yes." They show you all these things. You receive a really nice printout from their computer of all you have to do. You don't realize how difficult it will be. You don't realize when you sign this printout that there might be 25 years of pain. You think, "Good, I can do that easily."

You incarnate. You grow up. You become big and strong. You don't remember a darned thing about the 25 years of pain you decided to have. But one day, the big "cosmic 2" x 4" hits you. You can't understand what it is all about. You don't want to look up to God. Oh, no! You walk around bent over in pain for several years, hardly able to walk. Why do You have to walk on two crutches? Why do You have to sit in a chair all day? Why can't you work anymore? Because God wants you to sit down and think! You need to look at that.

Continued in Part Four

Written by Jananda Korsholm
Divine Copyright, Feel free to share


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