Jananda: A Healing Lecture (Part Four)

Continued from Part Three

Most of the time you spend looking down. That is not the way. I am talking out of my own experience. One day the great healer is coming to say, "Look up." You finally do look up and then you understand some part of it. You think, "That's great!" It's clear and you start healing this and that. What you don't realize is that there were a lot of printouts from that computer! You really have to go through a long process. Sometimes you come to a point when you cannot bear it anymore. Then the mighty I AM Presence comes, one way or another, to help you. You will be shown a way out of your problems. It can be difficult for a soul in physical form to listen to this guidance. While you are experiencing this, you can call forth this mighty power and be an ascended master, or be an ascended being. That is your choice.

Now we are going to ask you, "What do you want? What do you want?" Do you want to leave the planet before time? No, no! You want to experience it in full. If you want to experience this life in full, I'm just asking you, why don't you call forth this mighty presence you are, I AM THAT I AM, so you can go back and forth between dimensions by your own choice. Do you want to be an ascended being?


Only one said, "Yes." Isn't that incredible? Here you all have the possibility of becoming ascended beings and only one said, "Yes." Now we are here to experience life in the physical form. We are here to shift the mass consciousness, to evolve out of the dark. So we can call forth this mighty I AM Presence.

Celeste has a wonderful painting about healing. Celeste, would you explain about your painting?

CELESTE: This painting is called the "Healing Pool." It is a real place created in higher dimensions. It is a sacred temple filled with healing, flowing water. The angels above and the wonderful I AM Presence standing in the middle of the temple focus the healing energy down upon the little figure standing in the water with open arms to receive it.

JANANDA: That was a wonderful explanation! I mentioned the Karmic Board of Directors. a few minutes ago. Do you know that you are a part of that? Do you know that you are a member of the White Brotherhood? Do you know that you are the White Brotherhood? I just wanted you to realize that you are all of these things. You are this mighty force itself, manifested in physical form to assist a civilization that has been exploring the darkness and its contents. You are here to bring back from this darkness the knowledge about how we can change it. You are wonderful beings of fire, wonderful beings of light on many, many dimensions at the same time.

Do you want to heal? Let us call forth these wonderful beings. Here is the director of the Karmic Board, Archangel Uriel. Uriel is the one who has given you the printout from the computer. He gave you that before you entered into this lifetime. If you have some complaint, call forth Archangel Uriel. You can sing it out loud or you can just think silently within, "Be still and know that I am God." When you call forth the mighty Archangel Uriel, he is there right away. If he is busy making a new printout on the computer, he will send someone else to you, but he will respond. You call forth this energy and say, "Uriel, it is time. I'm ready to let go of all this karma. Could you help me with this?"

Uriel will look at your printout and say, "Oh, yes, I can assist you in this. I can release you from some of your karma." He will assist you, but you have to ask for it. Now, I want you to listen carefully to what we are saying to you. This is the greatest opportunity you have had in a long time. Are you ready to let go of your karma? Are you ready to take the responsibility? Okay, great!

It is so exciting because now we will call forth Archangel Uriel. We invoke this mighty presence. "I command the Archangel Uriel to come forth with all the mighty power you are. I command this out of the I AM Presence within me, and I pray that the will of God might be done in all these people. Thy will be done through you, Archangel Uriel, for these beloved sisters and brothers. I ask you, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, to release them from their karma. Let go of your karma. Be not afraid, beloved ones. We are all one in God.

Now we have called forth this mighty energy, the director of the law of cause and effect, and we are now ready to be healed. But first we ask, "Thy will be done in me, through me, with me and by me." So let the mighty healing power from all the angels in the kingdom of God pour forth their energy of healing through these bodies, to this Planet. Now let the healing energy stream through your body into the Earth. Receive this healing energy. Allow it to come. Allow yourself to be one with the mighty I AM Presence, and be healed. So be it. So be it. So be it. Amen.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Let me say something to you. (He points at a man in the audience.) At the same second you started speaking I wanted to speak to you. Interesting, isn't it? In your eyes is the mighty light. Accept the light in your eyes and free yourself of the crutches of glasses. Did you want to say something?

QUESTION: I don't know about anybody else, but when you were asking us if we wanted to be ascended masters and no one answered, I had a very strong feeling that part of the reason why no one said anything is because it is a very humbling experience. I mean, it doesn't really appear to us that we are ascended masters because of our pain and suffering. How can we say we are something that we don't feel that we are? I can't just claim that I am an ascended master. It is almost like lying, so there is a lot of pain there still.

JANANDA: Mostly I think that we don't dare to say it because we are not ready for it. That is what you are saying. We are simply not ready for it. We still have something to learn here. I like your comment. I like the little question mark behind it. You do some eye exercises and the light will shine. You are apparently going to do a lot of healing with those eyes. You are already doing it. There is so much power coming out of your eyes. Use them.

You know, I just realized one thing right now while I'm standing here. I love you. I love you. I really love you with my heart. Thank you.

Written by Jananda Korsholm
Divine Copyright, Feel free to share

About the Author

Jananda Korsholm is a healer, spiritual counselor, and published writer from Denmark. In his thirties, a severe back injury began ten years of pain that several major operations and the best efforts of modern medicine could not cure. This "cosmic wake up call" forced him to look for alternate healing methods. The first dramatic appearance of his spiritual guidance in 1969 jolted him out of lifelong atheism. He began to search for spiritual truth.

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