A Different Realm of Healing

The following is from The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel, Evelyn Eaton, Quest Books, 1982.

"I do not believe that Navaho healing is "symbolic". I believe it is actual, like the doctoring Sweats and ceremonies of other Medicine Men and Women of many tribes. I believe these symbolic healings are nearer the truth of healing than the "scientific" methods approved by the AMA. I realize that Sandner (Donald Sandner, Navajo Symbols of Healing, Harcout, Brace, Jovanovich, 1979) used the word "symbolic" to underline the use of symbols in native American healing, but all healing, even the orthodox western medicine, relies on symbolism to some extent. The point missed by "scientific" practitioners of "modern" medicine is that we are more than our physical envelopes, that symptoms appearing in our overcoats at the end of the road of disease, the results not the causes, the working out of the cause and effect, Karma, on our lowest levels. To treat the symptoms is to deal with the least important part of the problem. They will disappear when the real malady in the Spirit, that which has thrown us out of harmony with the Source of All, is healed, and when that healing filters through our mental, astral, etheric envelopes to the physical body."

Healing takes place on many levels. Some defy human understanding and yet many of us are led to work in these realms. Most of this work is guided by higher beings and we as humans simply try to stay out of the way to allow the real healing to be channeled unhindered by our egos or limited beliefs and concepts.

Much of what I have been taught about healing has come in dreams or in nonverbal ways that don't translate to words. Some of the tools I have been given have been terrifying to me. I wondered why I would be given such tools that I could never allow myself to use.

One such tool came to me when I started working with attachments. At first my method of working with attached entities was to allow them to attach to me in order to tell their stories. I felt it was very compassionate and healing to allow these often confused and hurt departed to express themselves through me. Unfortunately it was also very hard on my body and emotional state. I would manifest symptoms that killed those I let attach to me. Venting their anger, fear and frustration left me drained.

Early one morning I had just gotten out of bed. I felt the presence of an entity attached to me who wanted to tell its story. I was groggy, exhausted and in a foul mood. I felt something in my solar plexus reach out and grab the entity and shove it into the white light. I was shocked at the violence of the action. How could I have brutalized a frightened, confused being for asking my help? And how could I be so presumptuous as to believe that I knew what was best for the entity? I have no real way of understanding the realm of life after this one. Eventually I met Wind Woman, a Cree healer and Christian Reverend. She taught me to simply call for the help of those who know the realm and are more qualified than me to help release the trauma that holds the entities in limbo.

Two other tools came in dreams. One night I dreamed that I was seeing the soul of someone who tormented me through childhood. I was enraged. I looked at my hands and was amazed to find quartz crystals in place of my fingers. I understood immediately that they had terrible power. I felt the urge to shred this person's soul. I realized that by doing this the person would die in his sleep. I was appalled that I would have such urges or be given such a dangerous tool.

The other tool came in a concurrent series of dreams, the only dream of this kind I ever remember having. I dreamed that I was attacked by a being who I can't remember. I recall the terror I felt as it pursued me. I found myself in my own bedroom with this being menacing and approaching. I aimed the palms of my hands at it and showers of sparks flowed to engulf it. It shrank in the rain of sparkles until it disappeared. I realized that I was dreaming and chose to wake up. I awoke sitting in my bed, but I was still dreaming. I chose to wake up again and found myself sitting on the ceiling. I knew this was another dream instantly. I chose to wake up again and found myself in my bed wondering if I was still dreaming. Each dream seemed as real as the state I now found myself in.

The use for these tools and why I'd been given them became apparent in the past few weeks as I worked with John, my friend diagnosed with Lou Gerhig's Disease (You can read more about John's Healing here).

Healing takes place on many levels. Some defy human understanding and yet many of us are led to work in these realms. Most of this work is guided by higher beings and we as humans simply try to stay out of the way to allow the real healing to be channeled unhindered by our egos or limited beliefs and concepts.

John had a Charpei dog who he loved dearly. Shortly after he was wheelchair bound, his dog died. One evening the dog became ill and was dead the next morning before their veterinarian was available. I immediately thought that the being who was killing him had killed his dog to add insult to injury.

I came home one night a few weeks ago and found my dog under the deck unable to move his hind legs. As soon as I saw him I knew he was not going to make it until morning. Through the night the paralysis crept up his body as it had done with John. Somewhere inside I knew that he had been killed by the same being killing John. I stayed awake with my dog most of the night. I was not surprised to find there was nothing organically wrong I could detect. His organs seemed fine. His nervous system and energetic meridians seemed unhindered. There was nothing I could do to help except comfort him. He died at about 7 AM.

Through the night my dog barked as if he was afraid when left alone. He didn't seem to be in pain, only fearful. The other dogs were skitterish and barked at things unseen. Their behavior confirmed the presence of something. Dogs are sensitive to beings in other realms and will often bark at entities and even angels.

After burying my dog, I drummed. I drummed to help him on his journey and then I drummed to bring the being to me who had killed him. I found him attached to my spine in the same place and manner as he had attached to John's spine when his paralysis began.

From somewhere inside a warrior attitude emerged as I stood by like an observer. I drew this being face-to-face with me. He looked like the shiny, black, fully armored bad guys in Star Wars. He was encased in a hard, jet black shell that covered even his face. At his solar plexus there was a round, flat, light-blue stone about five inches in diameter. I knew this stone channeled his energy.

The quartz fingers I had discovered in my dream seemed to leap at him without my volition. In an instant the black shell was shredded, lying in shards on the floor. A finger shot from my hand and pierced the now exposed human-like being between the eyes. A shower of sparks emerged from my hands melting the pieces down to render it recyclable; like spiritual manure. My solar plexus somehow pulverized the stone he wore.

I was dazed, not knowing if I was imagining this as the result of grief and little sleep. Suddenly I assumed the form of a black jaguar and tore the being's throat out with my teeth. I was shocked by the violence of it as much as by the events. Suddenly a perfect, serene, clean soul emerged from the shell of the discarded body. It felt as if he had attacked me in order to be set free from the shell of darkness he had built around him during his physical life. The black armor held him prisoner to the deeds, intents and thoughts of a past life or lives.

Wind Woman says some souls take on the dark roles because the roles have to be filled. She believes these beings are looking for redemption from these roles and should be thanked for taking on the stinky roles so we don't have to. "The only evil that makes itself known is that which is looking for release." She asserts. "That evil not looking for redemption stays hidden, doing it's work without exposing itself to opposition."

I went immediately to see John after my encounter with the being. Fighting back tears I reported the events that I'd experienced. He affirmed that he felt the being was now dead. Its influence or essence still lingered in John but the source was gone.

The next day John's face had the look of an innocent child. It seemed that a heavy burden had been lifted. Almost immediately John could cause slight movement of his tongue. He goes through phases often now where he shuts down all his chakras and goes journeying. Each time he returns he seems a little stronger, a little healthier, and a little more at peace. He is able to blink his eyes with greater ease. His tongue movements have increased and his sense of taste returned. He is able to swallow very small bits of food.

There is no way of knowing what will happen with John. He says that he is still committed to recovering at least enough to speak. He journeys now in realms few ever know. He often communicates that he is with spirit guides or ancestors in these places. He says these are good places and he wants to stay, but he has been sent back each time because he has more to learn.

Written by Carl Brahe, MA


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